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Webx Features

Hundreds of powerful features

Webx Ecommerce is full of features which help you create and run a successful online store with maximum ease and comfort.

Webx is a hosted ecommerce software, so there is no installation or any separate web hosting required. Webx ecommerce software is designed and developed with such a philosophy that anyone could easily setup a perfect online store, with no programming knowledge required.

Our development team regularly releases free updates with new features, which keeps our client stores up-to-date in terms of technology and latest market trends.

Powerful Store Builder

Our powerful and easy-to-use store builder tools help you setup your website in no time.

Manage Products

Add and manage your product catalog with the easiest product management features. Add multiple product images, videos, product highlights, pricing, specifications, SEO Meta and much more.

Categories & Brands

Categorize your products into meaningful categories so that your customers could easily navigate and find their desired products. Two level categories (sub-categories under main category) can be added for a further classified product catalog.

Don’t miss to mention the brands you sell. Manage a list of brands for a separate level of product categorization.

Store Builder

Product Options

Product options allow you to setup different product variants in terms of size and color. Create as many sizes, colors or combinations of both in a few easy steps. Product options also allow you to set different price for each option you create, or it simply inherits the main product price.
Product colors and size charts created for product options are automatically used in advanced product search (faceted search), so that you do not have to configure search variables every time.

Custom Order Fields

For any product, you can add your custom order fields, which allow you take customer input at the time of checkout. For example, Custom Size form can be configured to take custom size specifications from customer when he/she orders a T-Shirt from your website.

Product Search Filters

A powerful product search module which allows you to create your own custom filters based on product variables. As product filters are created on category level, there is no need to add filters with every product you add. Just add a new value or mark an existing value for a filter against a product.

Product Specifications

Customers love to find more details about the products they are interested in. Meet your customers’ expectations by mentioning even the smallest product details in the specifications area. You can add as many specifications for a product, which could further be categorized into specification groups for a more readable format. Specifications also allow your customers to easily compare different products through Product Comparison feature available on your website.

Ratings & Reviews

Allow your website visitors and customers to rate the products and write their valuable reviews. Add multiple rating factors against different product categories. Easily control review publishing through review approval settings.

Smart Search

Let your customers search through your website with a simple yet smart search box. Smart search is fast and automatically suggests products while the customer types in the keyword.

Data Import/Export

Import & Export feature is developed to help you manage your long list of products in more convenient way. Take your products data backup, add new products or edit existing ones through a single CSV file.

SEO Meta

On-site SEO primarily depends on your website content and SEO Meta content. You can add SEO Meta content for your products or leave it on our software to automatically create it for your products.

Custom Pages

Share useful information with your customers by creating and adding beautiful custom pages to your website. By default, some template pages are already added like About Us, FAQs, Privacy Policy etc., you can further add other pages as per your requirement.

Contact Form

Your customers can easily post any query or message through the contact form available on your website. Get automatically notified through email whenever a new contact form is submitted. Additionally, in your admin area, you can find a report of all contact forms submitted through your website.

News & Updates

Add news and updates about your website, upcoming offers or any product release and get them beautiful slide on your website home page.

Downloads Section

Easily add any downloadable files in Downloads section and share it with your customers. You can add images, videos, audio, documents, presentations and much more. All of these uploaded files will be available on Downloads page of your website.

Picture Gallery

Easily manage a beautiful picture gallery on your website. You can create multiple albums, add pictures and share those special and memorable moments with your customers.

Pricelist Generator

Easily configure one or more pricelist formats for different product categories. Pricelist page is automatically generated as per the configurations.

Social Media Integration

Webx Ecommerce is integrated with all top-of-the-line social media networks. You can add your social media profiles to your website and they appear as small beautiful icons on your website header and footer. Additionally, you can also select those social media networks on which you want your customers to share your products, and they automatically appear on all product pages.

Google Analytics

Webx Ecommerce is integrated with Google Analytics, which gives you detailed insights about your website traffic, visitors flow, search keywords and much more.

Live Chat

Stay connected with your customers and website visitors as they navigate through your website. Through Webx integrated Live Chat, talk to your customers and get their queries answered then and there.

Gorgeous Designs & Tools

Easily build a beautiful online store with professional themes, design tools and customizable CSS/HTML

Responsive Themes

Beautiful Professional Themes

Choose from hundreds of beautifully designed professional themes for your website. Our designers have carefully designed themes with appealing color combinations and eye catching graphics to provide you with variety of designs and you get a freedom to select the theme which best suits your business identity.

Responsive & Mobile Friendly

Our responsive themes are compatible with all devices having different screen resolutions. Be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or any mobile set, our responsive themes adjust automatically to the respective screen resolution.

Templates & Layouts

We have designed a number of HTML templates and layouts of various website sections like Header, Footer, Home, Category Page and Product Page. These templates give you the freedom of choosing the right template of your choice, or even edit HTML to get your desired view ready.


We have developed a CSS & HTML Editor for you to easily customize your theme as per your requirement. Theme customization requires HTML/CSS knowledge, so you can either do it yourself or let our designers do it for you.

Templates & Layouts

Your Website Logo

Upload your existing logo to your website, or let our designers design a unique logo for your website as per your requirement.

Menu Management

A powerful and flexible menu management system, which let you create amazing dynamic menus for your website header, footer and side panel. Menus can be auto-generated or can be manually configured as you prefer them to be.

Display Settings

Easily manage what information you like to display against your products, and what to hide. Each and every product field display can be configured by simple checkboxes.


Highlight your products and services through attractive and message oriented banners, which catch your customers’ attention at first sight.

Front Banners

Easily add banners that appear and animate on top of your home page and put text on them as you like. You can select text style, color and position separately on each individual banner you add.

Home Banners

Home banners let you add banners on your website home page, which appears within the page content, at the position you select. You can add a full width banner or multiple banners in a row.

Side Banners

As your customers scroll down, get their attention to your messages highlighted in the side banners. You can place as many side banners of any size on either side of your website home page.

Complete Ecommerce Engine

Webx ecommerce features are developed to help you sell more!


Payment Methods

Choose from a number of payment methods for your website. Payment methods include Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposits, Money Transfer, Credit Card Payments and much more.

Credit Card Payments

World’s most trusted payment gateways are integrated with Webx to let you accept credit card payments on your website. Payments gateways include PayPal, 2Checkout, CCNow, Moneris, EasyPay and JazzCash.

Shipping Price Calculator

A powerful tool for shipping price calculation which lets you create your custom shipping zones and price rules.

Tax Management

With Tax Calculator, you can easily add and manage any types of taxes, which are added to the orders placed on your website.

Multiple Currencies

Add multiple currencies and let your customers select any currency while navigating through your website ad placing order. You can choose from 50+ currencies, whose rates are automatically updated every hour.

Shopping Cart

An easy and fast order process is essential for any successful online store. Let your customers add products to cart without leaving product page. There is a mini cart display available in header of website with updated cart amount, which displays cart items on hover. In addition to this, a complete shopping cart page is also available for a detailed view of cart before check out.

Price/Stock Alerts

Your customers can stay connected with any product’s price and stock updates by subscribing to these alerts. Price alert is generated when price of a given product is updated and stock alert is generated when an out-of-stock product gets back in stock. You can easily turn any of these alerts on and off.

Order Processing

Easily process your orders through different order and payment statuses from your admin area.

Order Notifications

Get notified through email whenever a new order is placed on your website. Order notifications are also sent to the customers on every status update. For example, on order placement, order confirmation, order dispatch or order cancellation etc.

Advanced Reports

Advanced analytical reporting of your sales and products against various different dimensions helps you take critical business decisions.

Built-in Online Marketing & Promotion Tools

Great marketing is a must for any business. Webx built-in online marketing tools let you do it with ease and convenience.

Newsletters & Promotions

Newsletter Management

A powerful and flexible newsletter management tool, which helps you create product newsletters and send it to your customers with just a few clicks.

Discount Management

A flexible discount management module that helps you create live discounts and discount coupons on products, categories or even brands. Discounts can be created for a fixed amount or a percentage, with many other configurable settings.

Social Media Integration

Webx is integrated with all top-of-the-line social media networks. You can add your social media profiles to your website and they appear as small beautiful icons on your website header and footer. Additionally, you can also select those social media networks on which you want your customers to share your products, and they automatically appear on all product pages.

Social Media Integration
Search Engine Optimization

SEO Optimized & Sitemap Generator

With standardized HTML, SEO friendly URLs and other built-in powerful SEO features, Webx is fully optimized for search engines. Auto sitemap generation keeps you away from the hassle of updating sitemap every time a new product is added or an existing one is removed.

AdRoll Retargeting

You can easily configure your website for your AdRoll retargeting campaign, by simply putting in your AdRoll ID and you are done.

Secure Ecommerce Hosting

Reliable & secure ecommerce hosting with your own custom domain.

Webx Ecommerce provides you with a securely hosted ecommerce solution. Just like Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or any of your favorite sites, Webx is also designed and developed on a similar hosted architecture, so there is no need for a separate web hosting.

Secure Web Hosting


At the time of signup, you get a free Webx sub-domain of your choice (e.g. which you can use to browse your website till it is ready to launch. You can point your Webx website to your own custom domain (e.g. at any time after you activate your package.

Secure Web Hosting

Your website is hosted on our secure and powerful servers located in the USA. You get a 99.99% uptime and there is no limitation on the bandwidth your website uses.

Regular Monitoring

Your website is always under monitoring of our technical engineers team, to make sure your website remains available and performs fast as ever.

Data Backups

Your data is very important, and it needs to be backed up regularly. Our automated backup processes make sure your website data remains protected and backed up.

Data Backup
Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network

With Webx integrated CDN, your website dramatically loads faster by distributing static files to servers all over the world, no matter where your shoppers are.

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