10 Benefits of Custom Design for E-commerce Business

by Ereeqa Toheed 8min read
Want to customize your eCommerce website? This article is for you! Learn ten benefits of custom eCommerce websites for your business

It would be best to consider everything when you plan to make your eCommerce website and sort out your strategy. You first must determine whether you want a default (pre-made template) or a custom eCommerce website for your business.

People love originality these days; they always look for something extraordinary, memorable, and different from the rest.

Custom web application development gives them this uniqueness in eCommerce website development.

Famous eCommerce web development platforms prioritize designing custom web applications in the present market.

A beautifully organized, information-rich, and creatively conceived eCommerce website boosts the trust of your users/clients. They know that assuming you take care of your website with proper concentration and activity, you should treat your clients with a comparative approach.

Custom eCommerce solutions have more prominent control, flexibility, and scalability than the default ones.

Custom eCommerce web development facilitates the procedure, so your businesses can have all the convenient features for a prosperous business running efficiently without any complications.

You must be thinking about why you should go for custom eCommerce development for developing your business; if yes, don't worry. This blog will clear all your puzzlement and doubts. 

Why get a customizable eCommerce platform?

With a customized eCommerce service provider, you can optimize parts of your website and decrease bounce rates. You can do this by:

  • Add labels and filters to products and classifications for manageable search.

  • Ensure products portray the specifications

  • Ensure that corresponding items from other vendors or factories are straightforward.

  • Incorporate your business strategies so that data is consistently valid and up to date

These components lessen purchasing variance and enhance the conversion speed. Your website layout is another vital element of conversion rate, and with a customizable eCommerce forum, you can design the site so it’s ideal for your users.

Your company’s brand structure must also be considered when designing the website. By customizing your eCommerce platform, you can communicate the right message consistent with your branding.

How do custom website designs help you win customers?

Even the minor details matter when constructing a winning eCommerce website. There may be minute components you don’t recognize that form a massive part of the site’s overall appeal. 

Whether you have a startup or a multinational enterprise, your website and application play a vital role in determining the success of your business.

Your website needs to be fully operational, serviceable, seamless, and aesthetically appealing, to cast a positive and reliable impression of your company. 

Make your eCommerce Business standout:

An eCommerce website that stands out and lures the targeted audience is a vital support in gaining an edge over your competitors, even if they have more extensive establishments. 

Your website is the key to showcasing your trademark, so getting it right is paramount. Having a customized website layout will aid you in achieving this dream. A custom-built website will enable you to showcase your business’s most impressive grades and authorize for functionalities that your respective clients envision. 

Upgrade Front-end and Backend Features:

Custom website design suggests you can guarantee that your backend and frontend function jointly to form a good platform.

If your website looks user-friendly on the front but doesn’t have the required fluidity in its experience and is challenging to navigate, your eventual bounce rate will increase. 

However, a seamless website with lesser load time, visually appealing layout, and engaging content is more likely to garner positive feedback from its visitors. They’ll see your eCommerce platform as trustworthy and easy to use and associate that with your company or brand.

10 Benefits of Custom Design for E-commerce Business:

Following are ten benefits of custom-made eCommerce websites: 

#1. Presentation:

Presentation is everything. The last thing you want to show your potential customers is that you are just like everyone else. A cluttered, complex, heavily designed website enriched with unnecessary content and indiscernible information is a nuisance for every visitor. Your e-commerce website needs to ensure a genuine experience for your visitor.

  • Authorized References

References are essential, both off and on the internet. Nevertheless, when operating an eCommerce business, trust and the means of developing that trust decide your site’s victory or defeat.

So, it is vital to incorporate the following confidence badges in your custom web design:

  • An SSL Certification

  • Trust Badges (BBB/McAfee and Norton)

  • Cost Badges

  • Money-Back Warranty

  • Success is in the Details

From specific contact information to buyer testimonials, here are the essentials that every small business website should have for it to help you do business effectively.

  • A clear description of who you are

  • A simple, sensible Web address

  • An easily-navigated site map

  • Easy-to-find contact information

  • Customer testimonials

  • A prominent call to action

  • Fresh, quality content

  • A design and style that's friendly to online readers

  • 24/7 Customer Service

The internet never rests. Whether your possible buyer is a night owl or looking at your product from a different time zone, you must show them that you care about their product-related queries by offering 24 hours customer service. 

#2. Branding:

Ecommerce businesses should not leave out any route for promoting their brand. The key to setting yourself apart from the competition is branding. Product branding is an extension of branding that concentrates on advertising and strengthening specific products. Product branding enables customers to determine key differences between one product and another via taglines, slogans, logos, other visual elements, and social media pages. Social media is a powerful avenue these days to make or break a brand. Promote your products on social media, keep your target audience “engaged,” and follow up sales with solid customer support. On the other hand, if you make a custom web plan and layout for your eCommerce business, you maintain complete authority over your brand’s exhibition, functionality, and accessibility.

#3. Customizable Options:

When you opt for a custom web design, you will have the choice of different customizable options.

Let us talk about a few:

  • The Navigation Bar:

Through templates, the functionalities of navigation bars are limited, even when they play the most vital role in your eCommerce website's branding. 

  • Wish List:

Every customer likes a wishlist. They find a wishlist convenient to categorize their buying options. By offering it, you get to know which item was the most favored by customers so that you can cultivate marketing propositions specifically for those items. 

  • Shipping to multiple locations: 

If you want to target a larger audience and sell globally, you need the option of global shipping. You can add tools for calculating shipping costs, timeliness, etc., for your customers at the checkout. 

#4. Ownership:

If you are not opting for the custom web design option and are picking out a template, then you are missing out on making the most of your eCommerce website. The developer of the template you are picking will have complete ownership; they are in control of the updates, they low-key power your site, and they can even take the template off of the internet, and you will have nothing left of your eCommerce website. On the other hand, if you opt for the cheapest eCommerce store builder, it will not only be less heavy on your pocket, but you can also enjoy a supply of customization options for your eCommerce website. 

#5. Unique Customer Experience:

There could be several people selling the same product as you in the market, but what makes you stand out is the unique customer experience you are offering to your clients. You must always prioritize your customers and offer them an experience no one else in the market does. This way, you are likely to attract more clients and have the opportunity to turn them into loyal paying customers for a lifetime. 

#6. Build an Information Architecture:

By making information architecture, we suggest an informative description of services and products so that when customers visit your eCommerce website, they gain insight into the industry, understand the product and eventually purchase it. If you opt for a custom website design, you will have the option of reinforcing this tactic. 

#7. Reinforce your Authority and Expertise:

Picking out the option of building a custom website gives you authority and expertise. Still, you will need to reinforce it continually so your customer does not get bored and go elsewhere, and your information does not go stale. 

Following are some tips to keep supporting authority and expertise:

  • Regular blogging.

  • Video Marketing.

  • Regular posts on Social Media.

#8. Diverse Opportunities for Scaling:

Your sales are reasonable, you are generating good revenue, and you think it's time to expand. Unfortunately, you chose to use a template for your eCommerce website. With a custom eCommerce website, you wouldn't have to worry about these issues and wouldn't be at the mercy of a sales gimmick. 

#9. Specialized SEO:

SEO plays a vital role in rankings, and search engines don't like to see sites copying critical components of other websites. So if you make your eCommerce website using a template, the metadata of your website will match another, and your SEO rankings will be negatively affected. 

#10. Your eCommerce website will grow with your Business: 

Though using website templates to develop your ecommerce website is an easy, convenient and quick way to establish your online presence, templates-based websites limit your chances to expand your website as you grow your business. Using a custom-made eCommerce website will put you at an advantage in growing your business, and the functionalities of your website will evolve along with your eCommerce business.


Custom web design is the only choice for creating a dynamic, scalable, and user-friendly eCommerce website. Pre-made templates might look inviting, but they are not the perfect fit. Lucky for you, this article discussed everything you need to know about why you need a customized website design and why it's essential for you. So, invest in custom website design to give your brand a fighting chance in the massive sea of e-commerce businesses. 


What are the reasons to build a custom eCommerce website?

Following are a few reasons to build a custom eCommerce website:

  1. Standing out in the Market. 

  2. Brand Identity. 

  3. Business Growth.

  4. Easy Management and Effectiveness. 

  5. Personalized Customer Experience. 

What is a custom eCommerce website?

A custom website layout helps you gain complete control over the effectiveness, accessibility, and functions of your eCommerce business. The more flexibility that you get with your website, the better you make your customer's experience with your company. 

What are the components of a good eCommerce website?

The essential components that a good eCommerce website must have are as follows:

  1. Attractive Homepage.

  2. Easy Navigation. 

  3. Support and Contact Information.

  4. Various Payment Options. 

  5. Ease of Checkout. 

  6. Wishlists, Coupons, Discount Codes and Free Shipping.

  7. Relevant Product or Services Descriptions. 

  8. Clear Images/Videos of Products. 

  9. Customer Support/ Chatbots 

  10. Mobile Optimization. 

  11. Call to Action. 

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