The story of how a networking business did not settle for less, bloomed more with online ecommerce

by Mahrukh 0min read
Learn more about how a successful physical business took a leap of faith and experimented with online business.

Hamid Jala, the young owner of a successful fibre communication business, shares his experience about working in the online business world with Webx. Hammads company is technical and provides networking, fibre optic cables, equipment, and more.

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Hamid has been working through its physical shop for ages, but as time revolutionised, he felt the need to set his online footprint to catch up with time and give his potential; customers a platform they could use to access his products, pricing and services. 

After this, Hamid felt things got much more manageable, less time-consuming and more accessible as with his virtual store; it was possible to set up products no matter how wide the variety range was; this made it easier for the customers to pick and choose what product features suit them the most and pick from it. 

“Jitna easy aur simple meray liye hai mai chahta hun utna hi sab ke liye easy ho.”

Lastly, he talks about how easily he handles his online business all through his smartphone with the help of a few clicks; he accesses his business updates, processes orders and navigates everything in the comfort of his own home. 

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