Muhammad Tariq from Nida Shoes tells how he successfully shifted from retail to ecommerce with Webx

by Mahrukh 1min read
Checkout the story about a an entrepreneur Muhammad Tariq whose shoe business bloomed after shifting towards online ecommerce.

From a traditional shoe shop to an online shoe business, today we talk about Sheikh Mohammad Tariq from the brand Nida Shoes. During his interview with the webx team, Tariq narrates his inspiring story of evolving in time to nature and supporting his decades-old business. This is rare in the Pakistani community as most people are reluctant to develop their traditional business ways and move ahead with time. 

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Tariq narrates his story about how he shifted towards online ecommerce. He explains that the true motives behind this were to upgrade and enhance his business, which he did after discovering webx through a friend. 

‘Mainay Webx ko bohat reasonable paya’

After discovering webx, Tariq experimented with his ways of business with different techniques and found webx to be reasonable, affordable, and resourceful with marketing and a cooperative customer support team.

Webx is different for Tariq, as other than it being user-friendly, helpful and affordable, he explained that it feels as if his business is personally taken care of as the software makes it easier for him to list his shoes with proper article variants, depending on colour, size and types. 

Lastly, he urges the viewers to benefit from webx as he feels your business can benefit a lot from it and smooth line sales your way

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