How to Start an Online Skincare Store

by Rabeea Mansoor 5min read
Are you looking for a way to start your jewellery business but unsure where or how to proceed? This article is for you.

The online beauty and skincare business industry are booming more than ever, opening avenues for all aspiring entrepreneurs who want to venture into an ecommerce business and be successful. 

Not only are big brands making the mark in this billion-dollar industry, but even small brands are venturing into the business and cashing on its growth.

If you are also wondering how to start your very own online skincare store in Pakistan or a cosmetic shop, this guide is for you. 

Carry out extensive research 

The beauty and personal care industries are evolving so fast that a similar trend would probably become obsolete in only two months. Therefore, in-depth research of the latest and most effective skin care products is essential if you want to keep your brand abreast with the current happenings. For research, you can check out influencers, beauty publications, bloggers, or a tool like Google Trend. 

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Leverage the shift in buying behaviour

As Generation Z comes of age, more and more room is being created for innovation, all thanks to a drastic shift in buying habits. This shift is related to the demand for value more than loyalty to one brand. This means new brands, especially smalls scale ones, stand a better chance of succeeding quickly as long as they are offering value. This change in buying behaviour mostly stems from the fact that Gen Zers are more impulsive when it comes to shopping, giving you plenty of room to leverage this shift. 

Develop a theme 

Having a specific theme for your skincare store is imperative if you want to establish a unique name in your industry. The theme of your skincare store will comprise your brand colours, font, and everything that appears on the store that visitors can see. To develop a good theme, you must focus on the following points: 

  • Who is your target audience; are your products meant to be used by young professionals, new mothers, or 65+ women? 

  • What is your brand identity; the best way to decide on brand identity for your skincare brand is to ask whether you want your brand only to sell the products or you want to establish your name as an educational brand that will educate people on how they can take care of their skins. 

  • What is your focus; do you want to sell a full line of organic skincare products, any specific product such as serum or moisturiser only, or everything related to skincare? 

Once you develop a clearer sense of your skincare store’s focus, you will be able to create the right theme for your online ecommerce store. 

Showcase your brand’s uniqueness

While developing your skincare brand, you must have spent some time contemplating what is unique about your products and your approach to selling them. Use your about us section to tell your audience about that unique aspect of your brand. Usually, any particular aspect of your brand is inspired by the common pain point of your target audience, making it the most searchable query on search engines. Therefore, this content on your about us page will bring your store up on the search engine page, thus improving your store’s ranking. 

Be reachable to your potential customers 

Skincare products are made to solve your skin issues and are meant to be used with careful consideration. Most of the time, they shop for products once they have insight into their skin needs. But, there are also those people who do not know which product will suit their skin most; if these people might end up buying something that could seriously harm their skin. Therefore, giving such customers a proper consultation is important if you do not want them to come back with complaints. 

You can do this by keeping your point of contact open and immediately accessible. The best way to do this is to incorporate a live chat option on your website and keep your skincare experts active around the clock.

You can also curate your social media postings based mostly on educational material on creating your own skincare line. Whichever approach you go for, establishing your brand position as an educational one will give you a strong competitive advantage. 

Define your brand 

A nicely crafted branding gives your customers an idea of what they should expect from your brand and how they should feel about it. Therefore, you must write a mission and vision that aligns with your brand and gives a clear message of what your brand intends to achieve. 

Then you must include a brand story on your about us page where you can highlight any emotional aspect of how your brand came into existence; to do this, you can write about any interesting thing about how you started your company. Remember that brand story is crucial to establishing a strong and valuable customer bond.

Build transparency and trust 

Skincare issues are so sensitive that customers tend to be naturally sceptical of the product they buy. Among multiple options to choose from, it can become quite overwhelming for people to decide what they want. Therefore, you need to establish trust with your customers if you want to establish a good reputation in the market and a long-term relationship with your customer base. To build trust, you need to be as transparent as possible, which you can do by having ingredients listed on the product clearly. 

Effective content marketing 

The social media presence of your skincare business is not only important to make your brand  reachable to your audience, but it can also give you a distinctive identity. If you are the solo captain of your business and running social media pages as well, you can tap into the popularity of product reviews other than your own. Such content strategy will help you create a personal brand and will give out a message that you care for your audience. It will also give you a strong identity that will eventually give your business a boost, as people will trust you more than your competitors. 

Create your store 

You can create a fully hosted and customisable online store using Webx ecommerce store builder. With Webx ecommerce, you will have everything from themes to social media integration done for you. 

You will not need any technical knowledge to create your ecommerce store thanks to webx ecommerce builder. However, if you still have some confusion regarding store creation, you can read our detailed guide on how to create an ecommerce store. 

Final Thoughts

Opening your online skincare business would require you to do research and be very careful while launching your product and marketing your store, but if you do it right, you will thrive. So bring your workings into effect, launch your store, and start selling. 


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