5 Best Digital Platforms That are Transforming the Future of Ecommerce in Pakistan

by Rabeea Mansoor 5min read
Do you want to leverage the growing trend of ecommerce business in Pakistan? Check out these top digital platforms transforming the future of ecommerce in Pakistan

Although the outbreak of Covid-19 became a reason for many global economy sectors’ downfall, it immensely benefited the ecommerce industry. The imposition of lockdowns all around the globe and the closure of physical stores gave rise to online shopping. Pakistan is no exception to that as online shopping became a new normal here during the lockdown.

Such a rise in digital shopping sharply increased the revenue of the ecommerce industry, encouraging more businesses to come on ecommerce platforms; This created the need for good Online Ecommerce Store Builders that could make it easier for people to host their online stores. 

The growing ecommerce industry of Pakistan calls for more ecommerce builder sites and platforms where people can easily open up their online stores. If you are someone looking for such platforms to open your store or a customer finding good online marketplaces, we have put together a list of the best ecommerce platforms for you. 

History of Ecommerce in Pakistan 

The ecommerce business found its way to Pakistan almost two decades ago with the inception of Beliscity, an online store that later shut down but paved the way for the boom of the ecommerce industry. Later on, many other online stores such as Shophive, Symbios, and HomeShopping opened up and gave ecommerce the recognition it deserved in Pakistan. 

It was when Rocket Internet decided to venture into the Pakistan market, that the ecommerce industry saw a drastic boom. With the launch of Daraz, Azmalo, and Foodpanda, the entire ecommerce scene in Pakistan took a 360 degrees change. Although Azmalo could not function any longer than 2 months, it reenvisioned itself as a drop-shipment site that later on became famous as Kaymu. The inception of Daraz and its transition from a small startup to the biggest ecommerce player is what shaped Pakistan's current ecommerce scene which continues to expand and grow with each passing year. 

Best Ecommerce Platforms in Pakistan

1. Daraz

If there is any ecommerce platform in Pakistan that can easily be called the biggest ecommerce player, it is Daraz. This online store started in 2012 as an online fashion retailer and transitioned into a general marketplace where people fulfill their fashion to grocery needs. Although Daraz serves as a platform where you can get boosted sales, there is a catch; you have to pay a commission for each sale you make through your store. Daraz may be an ecommerce platform that lets you open up an online store within a few simple steps without any registration free, but it does not let you build your own brand recognition. 

On the other hand, Daraz serves as the largest and best online market where consumers can easily find what they are looking for from a collection of 15+ million products. 

2. Pakwheels

The first name that comes to mind when we talk about selling or buying cars in the online space is Pakwheels. This ecommerce platform has provided solutions for the automotive needs of consumers. You can set up your automobile's ad and have it up and running in only a few minutes. Whether you are a seller or a buyer, PakWheels provides you with a comprehensive solution where you don’t just buy or sell but also get information related to new trends and entrants in the automobile industry. 

3, Webx

If you are looking for a way to build an online store but lack the technical skills and coding knowledge to do so, Webx Ecommerce is your answer. It comes with fully hosted ecommerce platform that saves you from the hassle of self hosting your online store. Webx ecommerce builder is not only easy to use but it also offers multiple themes and templates that you can choose based on your preferences.

It gives you the option of theme customization to let you customize your store’s look even without requiring any coding knowledge. Opening an online store with Webx takes 3 to 5 minutes and you get your store up and running in a short span of time. In a nutshell, Webx ecommerce builder realizes your dream of owning a successful online store within a matter of minutes without requiring any technical knowledge on your part. 


Another name synonymous with one-stop online shopping in Pakistan is Goto. It is a marketplace that allows consumers to shop with utmost convenience. From fashion and beauty to lifestyle brands, Goto promises 100% originality in products and ensures that the best products reach your doorsteps with free home delivery. 

5. Olx

Whether you are finding a property, looking to buy or sell a car, hunting for a job, or selling pre-owned items that you no longer need, olx is your answer. It is one of the leading ecommerce platforms that allow thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs to reach their potential customers and grow their businesses thanks to its myriad of services and tools. In short, Olx is a global and diverse ecommerce platform that has solutions for your every single need. 

6. Zameen.com

If you have ever had the experience of buying or selling property in Pakistan, you would know how complicated and prolonged it can get. This mostly happens due to the lack of prospects a person faces when they set out to either buy or sell their property. Realizing this issue, two british-pakistani entrepreneurs came together to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers in Pakistan and launched Zameen.com.

It is an online real estate portal that connects buyers and sellers not only in Pakistan but outside the country as well. If you are looking for a property either to buy or on rent, you can easily find thousands of property options on Zameen.com. And if you are selling your property or looking for tenants, there are number of potential leads that you can find effortlessly. Zameen.com makes the entire process of property dealing is smooth and requires minimum effort on your part. 


Opening an online store or shopping online in Pakistan has never been easier thanks to the availability of multiple ecommerce platforms. From Daraz to Webx, you not only have endless possibilities to start your online venture but you can find almost anything within a matter of seconds or minutes from the comfort of your home.

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