15 Customer Appreciation and Gift Ideas - Say Thank You With Conviction

by Hammad Hussain 10min read
Anyone looking for customer appreciation ideas to engage their customers will be happy to go through this blog with 15 of the best ideas discussed.

It doesn't matter if you run a huge e-commerce website or a small Etsy store; it's important to make your customers feel valued to keep them coming back to buy from you.

This can be the key to the success of small businesses and startups since happy customers are bona fide catalysts for business through word of mouth. 

Here are some of the best, expert-recommended ways to thank your best clients.

1. A Thank You Note

A simple thank you note may seem like a no-brainer, but it is one of the most effective ways to leave a smile on your customer's face. Write a personalized note where you address them with their name and thank them for doing business (or purchasing from) with you.. Add details of how you enjoyed dealing with and would love to have them back. 

Personalized thank-you notes show that you really care about your customers and thus are highly appreciated. If you need more help, check out the thank you note templates here. 

It'd be best to use branded stationery to make this experience truly memorable you’re your customers. It can be difficult to send out to thousands of custom notes, so, we suggest reserving the handwritten thank you for the top 50 customers, and you can send printed notes or plain old emails to everyone else. 

 2. Send Flowers 

Sounds cheesy, right! But everyone likes flowers. A small arrangement sent to a customer is a great way to show your gratitude.

Lilies are always a safe choice, but before you decide what kind of flower should be sent to a client, think about your relationship with them. For example, if you send flowers to a group of people who have shown a lot of optimism and resilience over the years, get a nice bouquet of carnation, daisies, and roses, finished off with bright Monte Cristos. 

Don't go for big expensive arrangements but focus on the presentation that can make even an ordinary bouquet look exquisite. 

If your clients are millennials, chances are they'd love to show off the gifts on social media platforms. It can be free advertising for you and the perfect way for them to let you know that they appreciate your gifts.

3. Books as Gifts 

Why not gift your client a book they'll proudly display in their offices or at the coffee table?

Paper books are always the best gift, especially the big beautiful ones that look good on coffee tables. Look for books that refer to your customer's interests, niche, or about their city. These can be great conversation starters.

Always leave a small note or message inside the book cover so they can remember you. 

On the other hand, if you want to give the gift of an eBook, Amazon, Google Books, online sellers allow you to buy vouchers and send them to the recipient. You could even print out a voucher and send them to the client with a thank you note.

You could even bundle the book (or the voucher) with a personalized or branded mug or pen to ensure the message hits home.

4. Discount Codes, Coupons, and Special Offers 

Offering discounts to your current customer not only makes them happy but it's also great for business since you are giving them a chance to buy more from you.

If you've done the job right the first time, your buyers are already looking for reasons to buy from you again. What better reason than a one-time coupon or offer?

You could always send these out with your marketing emails or embed them in newsletters to ensure they reach the right audience. And don't forget to tell them why they deserve this special treatment. 

However, beware that too many discounts and sales can undervalue your products and services and may cause customers to question the quality of your offerings. So, use this option sparingly.

5. Customer Loyalty Program

It is similar to discount offers. Customers can accumulate points for products and services through a loyalty program and later buy what they want by redeeming these points.

Not only does it increase the shopping rate, but also garner valuable insights into customer preferences, likes, and more. Loyal customers are more likely to leave positive reviews and help bring in new ones through word-of-mouth marketing. 

So invite your best customers to enroll in the loyalty program and give them more reasons to buy from you. You could have annual customer appreciation events, for example, an exclusive yacht party. 

6. Referral Program 

It isn't precisely a free gift idea but a great appreciation effort. Referral programs also work on points so a person can get rewards when referring anyone to your company.

These references are sure-shot leads because they are genuine customers interested in your product. In this way, this is the least any business can do in rewarding their current customers. This can be in points, cash rewards, and gifts.

Small gifts for customers may not be the best way forward, as something substantial will entice a person to refer more customers to the company and earn extra rewards. And indeed, referrals are excellent gift ideas for small businesses.

7. Sneak Peak for the Top Customers 

Another great appreciation idea is related to sending snaps and short videos of a product that is not available in the market. One of the few gift ideas for small businesses where they can give a sneak peek about their new product. Customers feel great as they can discuss a product nobody knows in their social circle. For example, people using a flagship beta version of a phone may brag about it in their social circle. 

A sneak peek is a great way to build excitement for your product so that when finally launched, the target audience will immensely like it. And it is one of few customer gift ideas that can work in your favor. 

8. Celebrate your Anniversary

Again, this may sound childish, but these events are your arsenal for marketing in the real world. Sharing happy moments with your customers will make them a part of your organization and will help you reach a wider audience. It can be akin to free marketing, as the shared video on various social media channels can help your product grow.

You may never know how quickly a video or picture can go viral. That's why celebrate events, even on a small scale, and share photos and videos with your customers. 

9. Celebrate Birthdays of Customers

We all love to be appreciated and welcomed on our special days. Imagine getting a message from Amazon or Apple celebrating your birthday and sending you a personalized message. Sending good wishes and a small present can make the day for a person who may be feeling lonely. So, never miss a birthday and give your company every chance to remain in the conscience of your customer. Use such customer gift ideas which they can easily relate to their lives.

10. Gift Baskets for a Specific Amount 

One of the best free gift ideas is related to gift baskets for spending a specific amount. In your newsletters or email, mention this prominently so that everyone is willing to spend a particular amount and get the basket. This can be an incentive for customers willing to pay but spend just a tiny amount so that they are not eligible for the gift basket.

The basket may not be worth much, but the sheer excitement of getting a free gift will make many customers spend that extra amount. And this can turn out to be huge for your revenue in the long term. 

11. Appreciate Customer Feedback

This may not sound great, but things can turn in your favor big-time when you start to value your customers' feedback. Never underestimate the power of listening to your customers and showing them that you care about them. Businesses that go the extra mile in making their customers feel heard are always successful. 

Companies like Webx, which offers a platform like Shopify, do their best to develop new solutions to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace.

Businesses must understand that giving back feedback is always a cumbersome process that consumes time. So, it would help if you appreciated the customer's effort in the best possible way. 

12. Offering Freebies

Now, this is one terrific way to get the attention of your target audience, as everybody loves gifts. Presenting customers these cool gifts like a pen or mug can go a long way in cementing your status as a venture to look forward to. A free trial for a new product or service can be included and is one of the few perfect small gifts for customers, as freebies in any form are always welcomed by one and all. 

13. Gift an Experience 

Sometimes offering an experience rather than a tangible gift can also work. This can include offering a ticket to a local concert, a full day service at a spa, or a casual dinner in a famous restaurant. You may think that the monetary value of these gifts will make the difference, but it is instead the experience that everyone cherishes. It is one of the most inexpensive thank you gift ideas around.

Such experiences have broad appeal and can give you an edge over your competitors in the long run.

14. Feature Customers on Social Media

Featuring your customers, pictures, or videos on your official social media channels can also help you a great deal in getting appreciation from them. These 5 minutes of fame can be priceless for some customers as we all long for attention like a celebrity. This can be one gift for customers that they can proudly show and one of the perfect free gift ideas for customers.

Imagine your post on Apple's official Instagram handle and getting thousands of likes. Similarly, think of a nobody getting the fame he never had, and then you provide him the opportunity. This tactic will work every time and free gift ideas for small businesses that their customers will brag about.

15. Every day is a New Day

Making customers feel special every day is not bad because we all love to be pampered and get admiration. Customers getting constant attention from a company make them feel that their opinion is always appreciated, and some people want to know about their preferences. That is why small gifts for customers can be good, but some companies go out of their way.

Take a look at the example below.

Honda once surprised their one-millionth customer of a best-selling model with a free car. There is no need to say that that person will remember this gesture for the rest of his life. Such innovative and bold free gift ideas for businesses are easy for small businesses as they can easily give away their product, like tech gadgets.


Businesses must never forget the power of making their customers happy. I hope you will appreciate the free gift ideas for customers mentioned here. Satisfied customers will be loyal and spread positive word of mouth about the product or service. The 15 appreciation ideas discussed above can make your customers know you think about them and care. This is a continuous process as businesses must think about new ways to keep their customers hooked. 

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or want to ask any questions, you are more than welcome to share feedback. It would be best if you decided on thank you gifts for clients after utmost care for the best results. For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.


What do you give a customer as a thank you?

Businesses can give several gifts and appreciate their customers' efforts to make them happy and content. This is not easy, as the gifts and appreciation ideas need to be on the song rather than just run-of-the-mill stuff.

What gifts can I give to my customers?

Several gift ideas are available. Companies can decide according to their budget and what will work best for their target audience, from freebies, discount coupons, and thank you cards to free products or services.

What is the best gift to show appreciation?

It can depend upon your audience, but most of the time, an appreciation post on a social media platform or flowers/chocolates lifts the mood for most people. It is all about appreciating a customer's effort in buying a product, ensuring they will come back for more.

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