How a Retail Brand Silveria Switched to Webx Ecommerce and got Successful Results

by Mahrukh 1min read
Read about the magic of Webx Ecommerce platform and how it benefited a local homemaker.

Today, we talk about the migration of decades-old businesses switching to Webx Ecommerce from an international platform and opening new doors to successful online business experience. Hussain Noorullah, the owner of Silveria, a prestigious business more than 55 years old, talks about his migration from an international ecommerce platform to Webx Ecommerce.

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He explains how switching from a global to a local platform improved his business experience and made a considerable difference. As he felt his local needs were met, communication was more accessible and easy as he did not need to follow up with time-consuming email threads.  

“Webx ke sath mera zaati experience bohat acha raha hai”

Hussain shares his take on the growth of online businesses post covid, where he noticed new trends in shopping behaviours. Whereas previously, customers used to rely solely on physically exploring items they were interested in, but now post covid most users prefer a hybrid of both online and physical shopping experience, where they research the product beforehand through the website and then come to the physical shop to buy it.

“This provides an ideal platform, low cost, and excellent customer support and service.”

He further shared his thoughts on the prospects of Pakistani ecommerce, which is solid and promising for young entrepreneurs. Hussain is content with Webx Ecommerce, which he quotes as an ideal platform for all as it is at a low cost, with excellent customer support and service experience, and provides a strong networking experience, access, and relationship building.

“ It has been an immensely satisfying experience for us.”

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