40 Sure-Shot Winning Ways to Make Money from Home in 2023

by Hammad Hussain 25min read
If you are looking for some of the best ways to work and make money from the comfort of your home, this blog will help you find them without much research.

"Never depend upon a single income. Make an investment to create a second source."                                                                         

- Warren Buffet - American businessman, investor, and philanthropist. 

The above quote is a good reason we should look for a second source of income. With deteriorating economic and political scenarios in many parts of the world, a single source of income is not advised by experienced investors. Online platforms and tools have several ways to make money from home. 

Making money from the comfort of your home is one of the best feelings, as you don't have to indulge in a 9-to-5 setup. You are your own boss, and you can dictate the terms as to how much you want to work and earn. You can save so much money that you spend on commuting and save precious time in which you can work and earn real money online in Pakistan. 

There are many freelancing networks on which you can earn a handsome income. Fiverr and Upwork are the biggest and most famous platforms worldwide for making money from home. 

Online Business Also Requires Hard Work to Succeed 

Nowadays, you can easily earn by creating content for YouTube blogs and many other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. But there is no guarantee of how much you can earn and what the prospects are in the long term. In most cases, reaching a global audience and making money from home is easy. 

Working on freelance platforms can also be a side hustle as you work full-time or run a business. With rising inflation and unemployment, underprivileged people in countries like Pakistan risk falling below the poverty line. Working from home is an excellent option, as women and older adults can work from home. 

Please go through this blog as I discuss 40 ways to work from home for everyone.  

1. Develop an E-Commerce Website 

An e-commerce website is the first thing that comes into mind when working from home. Only some businesses can reap money for you right from the word go, as you must research hard. Information about your industry and competitors is essential for making a mark with your product. Once done, you can manage the website from your home and run it efficiently. 

If you find it hard to start a new e-commerce business, a full-fledged e-commerce website builder like Webx Ecommerce can help you tremendously. Using e-commerce builders, you can start working on your business quickly without going through the design, development, and testing phase. It takes just a few minutes, and your store will be up and running. It is an efficient and effective way for startups and small businesses to make a head start with minimal investment. 

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2. Blogging 

Most of my readers would think that blogging is just for fun, but now that isn't the case. Start blogging on your favorite topic or any trending product or service, and you will realize what I am trying to describe here. You can go through the blogs of several well-renowned investors and businessmen and understand what it is all about. Also, your knowledge and experience in a particular field can significantly help your cause. 

You can share your insights about any product or topic and express your views to like-minded people. And before you know it, your blog can be a hit amongst its target audience. Earning money has always been challenging, but now anyone with a smartphone or computer can start a blog. The rest depends upon their capability and hard work to make it big. 

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is also one of the best ways to make money from home. It is a retail business wherein the seller fulfils the orders he accepts from his customers without keeping an inventory or stock. For starters, this can be the best way for a new business as little investment is required, as you can work from home without thinking about renting a place for a warehouse or an office space. 

Dropshipping can be especially effective for small businesses and startups as they can market the products and services in demand and save high costs on physically holding the goods. That's why dropshipping is one of the best ways to make online money for beginners without huge capital to start a business. 

4. Create an Online Course

Individuals on LinkedIn and websites like Coursera are earning big bucks. You can quickly put up a course on these platforms and start earning. Surely the earnings will be negligible initially, but if you have created a quality course that ticks all the boxes, it can gain attention within a few weeks.  

With time, you can also build a reputation for your courses. According to the website Guide2research, by 2026, the global eLearning market is expected to reach around 337 billion dollars. This is a considerable sum; you can get a share of the pie by working from home. While for some courses, you need expertise or ample knowledge about the subject, you can start a course on your hobby, like book reading and teach people how they can turn this hobby for your personal and professional growth.  

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular ways to make money online, as you don't have to work very hard. You can earn by promoting other brands and their services through affiliate marketing. You can easily profit from the sales by promoting retail products, software, or even mobile apps. The commission may be small, but if you can have good sales, then the commission will add up over time. 

A blog can also be a good bet, as high-quality content can be an asset for you. The link for affiliate programs can easily be linked to other programs through content marketing if the previous one shuts down. So, it is a win-win situation for the affiliate marketer. 

6. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has become a gold mine for influencers and anyone with a bright idea. Suppose you can focus on a single niche. In that case, you can build upon a loyal audience by creating tutorials, streaming video games, reviewing products, and anything that you think can attract an audience. Imagine a 7-year-old kid, Ryan, who made 22 million dollars in 2018 just for reviewing toys on his channel. If this is a possibility, then you can achieve it too.

The secret to a successful YouTube channel is to create content through which people get educated or entertained. A witty headline or a keyword can be the trump card for making your channel stand tall among the rest. 

7. Publish an eBook

Publishing and marketing eBooks have become a big business in recent years in Pakistan. If you are active on LinkedIn or check out some job portals, you will be amazed to see a massive requirement for professionals in this niche. Writing an eBook is unlike writing a textbook or a fiction novel. An eBook can be 8-10 pages long and still get good reception from its target audience, based on stellar content and graphics, or a comprehensive one, as displayed below.

You don't have to be a writer to start an eBook; you can hire freelancers to complete the project. You can publish it and earn revenue. Even individuals who are experts in selling eBooks are in high demand, and sales professionals earn a handsome salary. You can choose popular topics using keyword tools that will allow you to create an eBook that will be in demand. 

 8. Create a Mobile App 

One of the most popular ways to make money from home is by developing an app. You can find an app for virtually every business. You can use many freelance platforms to find affordable developers to get the app and market it. In Pakistan, mobile apps are also popular, as you will find an app for a local grocery store or mini-mart. 

Look at the screenshot of the mobile app of Webx Ecommerce below. 

See the features it offers and how you can try to engage your customers through it. You can check out the app here and can use it to see exactly how a great app can work wonders for your business. 

Publishing the app on Google Play, the App Store, or both is the basic requirement. You can use a free app and add premium features to help you make money. The free app will attract more people as only a few want to buy an app, even if it is cheap. 

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9. Web Design and Development 

Web design and development can be among the most fruitful online jobs as they are highly paid. But you must have the technical knowledge to start working. Technical knowledge related to new software and tools is also required, and that's why you have to learn. Throughout your career, or else you lose out. Take a look at the Amazon.com homepage below.  

Developers and designers have many choices from WordPress themes to in-depth game programming. You can find several gigs on Fiverr and Upwork related to web design and development. Your portfolio of work will count a lot as it authenticates your work. If you have the technical knowledge and designing/development is your passion, you can earn while at home and get big projects. 

10. Product Testing and QA

Product testing and QA of websites and software are one of the highest-paying jobs. This is another task for technical individuals to pursue to make home money. You can earn up to 20 dollars per minute when you sign up with UserTesting. See the image below. 

Quality Assurance of websites can also be a good freelance career choice, as QA is required for every project. Checking bugs and errors so that a website can run smoothly when it goes live is a process not everyone can excel in. And that is why you can earn a high income from the comfort of your home. 

11. Content Writing 


Everything we see on the Internet is content, including website content, a video, or a slide. Writing articles, blogs, and experiences about any product will also get many customers. People related to sales and marketing have excellent income because they can offer their expertise to individuals and businesses and provide content to persuade the audience. 

Pro Blogger, Craigslist, and Freelance Writing are some of the most famous platforms on which you can find content writing jobs. And on platforms like Fiverr and Upwork, there is also a huge demand for writing professionals, which is one of the best ways to make money from home. 

 12. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are one of the easiest online jobs as most don't require any technical or specialized skills. Entering any data into a computer system through specialized software, word processors, or directly on a website is required for various purposes by numerous businesses. Your typing speed matters as you must enter data quickly to complete the tasks. Usually, targets are related to several jobs required by the end of the day or a specified period. 

See the example for a typical data entry job below. The screenshot shows how a person completes daily tasks by entering data and communicating with a supervisor. 

13. Translation 

Several types of translation jobs are available online. Most of the time, it is related to academic work. Still, there are jobs for translating from English into other languages and vice versa. If you have experience in this or are passionate about translating content, you can easily find many jobs, as companies worldwide will offer you remote positions. 

You need to be wary here as there are good platforms and tools available that offer these services. An example is mentioned below, so you must be good at what you offer to get prospective clients' attention. 

Fluency in the language is the first and foremost requirement, as any deficiency here will make your work seem forced or not up to the mark. 

 14. Deal in Forex and Stock Trading 

Forex trading is related to dealing in different currencies. You can earn a good income according to the fluctuation in the prices. In Pakistan, most of the trade is made through the dollar, and any change in value dramatically affects our country's economy. It is one of the few ways to make money at home where you need technical knowledge, as there is a risk of losing the invested amount. 

Stock trading is related to the buying and selling of shares of different companies. You can hold a share for several years or sell it after just a few minutes. Like forex trading, stock trading is also prone to risks related to market conditions, mainly due to economic and political situations. Pakistan Stock Exchange has been repeatedly on the list of the best-performing stock exchanges in the world. But again, risks are present, and an experienced person or trader can guide you in buying/selling stocks to earn a profit. 

 15. Commodity Trading and Bullion Market

Commodity trading is about buying and selling physical products like metals and oil. You can hold your investment for an extended period or sell it. Again, nothing is certain in commodity trading, as price fluctuations can be nerve-wracking. You can trade commodities and gold/silver by opening an account with a stock trader offering such services or solely with a commodity trading company. 

The bullion market is related to gold and silver. Gold has always been considered a haven against the dwindling economy and falling currency globally, and the same is true for Pakistan. Trading in the market is done by opening an account with a company offering such services.  

Refrain from getting a notion from the above discussion that trading in stocks, forex, or commodities is extremely risky and not for newcomers. With little research and help from an expert, you can earn dividends on stocks, take advantage of the strong dollar or invest in the commodity market. 

In Pakistan, you must open an account with Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited (PMEX) to be eligible for trading commodities online. It provides a centralized and regulated place for secure transactions as the Pakistan Securities and Exchange Commission regulates it. There are companies which offer their services in this concern. They can open your account in PMEX and offer you apt support so you can trade in different commodities without any worries of incurring a loss. 

16. Invest in Cryptocurrency 

You must have heard about the recent crash of cryptocurrencies around the world. Especially the significant currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum got dumped by the investors and were trading at a two-year low. The future is uncertain, but those greedy people lose money, whether a single stock or one bitcoin. 

Don't think about becoming a millionaire overnight after buying Bitcoin, as there are better ways to do this. Another work-from-home option is high on hype and can be bountiful for you if you know the basics and are interested in cryptocurrencies. 

Contrary to popular belief, this is one of the legit ways to make money from home, as no law currently bars you from investing in cryptocurrency. 

17. Social Media Management 

Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are insanely popular. Online shopping through these networks has been growing steadily over the last few years. Companies that don't have a proper plan don’t know how much to invest in marketing as they try to start their businesses on social media. And you can do them favors by managing your accounts and helping them reach their sales goal. 

You need to master using social media management tools to offer value to your customers. 

Users for platforms like TikTok have increased in the last year, and now it is not just for teenagers. Businesses offer products and services as they know millions of people use them daily. Your management skills on these platforms can get you a good income that you can earn from the comfort of your home. 

18. Sell your Pictures

If you have good photography skills and are proud of your snaps, you can earn by selling these pictures to several websites that deal in them. You can sell via websites like Etsy and market the photos as a work of art. You can also contact websites like Canva or Getty Images, which buy stock images and then sell them to websites and social media pages. 

Selling pictures is one of the legit ways to make money from home, as you have the sole right to the images you have taken. You can earn hundreds of dollars for a single image, as described by Canva in this article. Your photography or videographer skills can be handy for some good income without leaving your home. 

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19. Become an Influencer 

The rise of social media has given many people a new platform from which they can work from home, and becoming an influencer is one of them. Influencers are highly paid because of their reach, as their millions of followers can make a brand become a household name almost overnight. Businesses are willing to pay an insane amount to influencers for a 30-second video as they can send their message far and wide. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has over 400 million followers on Instagram and commands the highest income, over 1 million dollars per post. You can pick a niche and work hard to make yourself a brand and become an authority. Then you can also attract sponsors and advertisers. 

20. Offer Various Digital Marketing Services 

Digital marketing services can improve the sales performance of a product or service by offering different strategies. From SEO and PPC to many other digital marketing strategies and tactics, a website has much to cover for success. And if a company wants to see its product reach a high ranking on Google, it must use such services.  

Paid campaigns like PPC can be hard to execute and risky, too, as some serious cash is involved. To get the attention of their target audience, companies can get to their goal by opting for digital marketing services. If you have the expertise, you can easily monetize your skills. 

21. Review Websites 

Reviewing websites is also an excellent way to earn money online in Pakistan. There are many platforms available on which you can review your favorite websites. You can guide people who need to learn about A particular field or industry. Based on your expertise in this field, you can guide anyone looking to buy a product or start a new business.

There are other options, like UserTesting, discussed above in point no. 10. You can find similar websites and earn money easily by giving honest feedback. 

22. Complete Surveys

Just like offering your views mentioned above, you can complete surveys and earn money online. Surveys can include various subjects such as beauty products, tech gadgets, etc. LifePoints is a website that pays users to complete surveys. Some of these surveys can be about a product that you have bought. Other topics can be general as virtually unlimited topics are available on which you can complete a study and one way of online earning in Pakistan without investment. 

23. Connect to Brands 

YouTube BrandConnect is an invite-only service. It can be very beneficial for anyone with sizeable YouTube subscribers to connect them to brands interested in reaching a wider audience. You need to pitch to the companies so that they can consider your channel for marketing their product or service. You need to sign up for this service, and only then you’ll be able to see all the brands looking to work with YouTubers like you. 

With more than 500 companies and counting, this is an excellent opportunity for anyone to monetize their YouTube channel. 

24. Voice-Over Work 

Voice-over artists are in great demand worldwide, and there is increasing demand for them in Pakistan. People with a good voice and a knack for marketing products and services can earn a good income and a good way for online earning in Pakistan. 

You can opt for a few seconds of work or several minutes. It’s up to your capability and how much load you can take, as you can engage international clients, too, if you have the talent. 

25. Sell Second-hand Items

Selling second-hand items is also one way of making money online and earning from goods. Several things in your household that you term useless may be of great interest and value to someone else. There are websites and groups on social media platforms that sell second-hand items to people who are interested in them. 

Goods like old crockery, consumer and electronic items, and furniture can be sold as you can easily find people who can’t afford brand new goods mentioned above. They will wholeheartedly buy those items from you and be willing to buy more in the future. This is a great way to increase your income without spending anything.

26. Sell Stamps and Coins

Stamp and coin collection is a hobby, but it can be rewarding too. People who collect stamps and coins also sell them for profit, thus turning their hobby into a profitable money-making activity. You can use social media platforms to raise awareness about your activity and ensure everyone in your social circle knows about your hobby. 

If you think the stamps or coins are antique, there are platforms like eBay where you can sell them reasonably. Who knows, a true fan of a stamp or a coin can buy it for a whopping amount. 

27. Sketch Making 

From a hobby to a serious business endeavor, sketch-making is one of those activities that can help you get a regular income from your home. But you need expertise in sketching as not everyone is a gifted artist. 

Start making sketches only if you feel you can satisfy a person or company through sketches that look awesome and are polished rather than something that looks like a hurried job. 

 28. Online Food Delivery   Cooking is an activity through which you can start an online food business. Many people are good at cooking, but they don’t know their potential or what they can do with it. Online food delivery services like Foodpanda offer good support to these people. You can also market your food through famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This way, you can earn real money online in Pakistan by making your passion work for you. 

You can also start a YouTube channel cooking food online and share your recipes with the world. This will indirectly boost your online food delivery business as people will want to try your food after checking out your videos. 

 29. Gardening 

Gardening is not only a healthy activity, but you can turn it into a money-making stream. Again, you can showcase your gardening skills to everyone through videos and podcasts. You can sell seeds and plants online for people interested in gardening. 

You can also show them how to plant seeds, proper watering and how to grow a specific plant or tree to get fruits or flowers. 

 30. Online Gaming

Are you a gaming freak and think about it 24/7? Even if you like to play just a single game and are a master at it, you can help others in their quest to play that game with aplomb. You can help them through video tutorials, explain how to play the game and provide them with the strategies to nail a battle or go through several stages collecting all the bonus points without risking the player's life.

With time, your website, social media page or YouTube channel will rank on top of the searches as you will provide them with quality support and guidance. 

31. Travel Consultancy 

Travelling is a good hobby that you can monetize, provided you have expert knowledge in this regard. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel industry is booming. Many people are trying to get an expert opinion about a place, hotels and restaurants. Your in-depth knowledge about a place, like how to get there and the attractions at that place, can make any person’s trip easy and memorable. 

If you can guide people to Airbnb, it is an added advantage as people from Pakistan who go abroad have few ideas about using Airbnb services. In this way, you can start a travel agency or consultancy, albeit on a small level, from home.  

32. Selling Apparel Online

Selling apparel online is among the most popular ways in Pakistan to make money from home as a woman. While men also sell clothing online, whether related to men, women or children, women have added interest in apparel and have ample knowledge about different fabrics. Their understanding of other aspects of this field is usually excellent. They can guide fellow women perfectly in choosing apparel that suits them.  

33. Invest in Real Estate 

Investing in real estate is very tempting, especially when you hear that many people in your social circle are earning a handsome income. But the returns on real estate are one reason many people don’t go for it, as the prices can plunge in the short and long term. With little experience or guidance from an expert, you can start investing in real estate as it is one of the best ways to online earnings in Pakistan. 

It is a misconception that you must visit your real estate property and see it before buying or investing in any project. People across the globe invest in real estate in even remote regions. The project you are interested in or the house/condo/building you have instantly fallen in love with must be reliable. You can earn good commission, rent or income if you play it safe and don’t act greedy. 

 34. Organic Farming 

Organic fruits and vegetables are in much demand nowadays. According to a recent report, organic farming is being conducted in over 187 countries on 72.3 million hectares of land. Farmers are quickly turning to organic farming as it is the future. There are huge opportunities for anyone looking to buy or sell organic fruits and vegetables online. 

35. Online Tutoring 

Providing online tuition is a familar idea. Still, during the last three years, when schools and universities switched to online education, the importance of online tuition escalated. Now it is a norm even in countries like Pakistan. Hundreds of thousands of students take regular tuition. For both the teachers and students, online tuition is a win-win scenario.  

Teachers can give online tuition from the comfort of their homes. Students can also benefit and save commuting costs from their homes to tuition or coaching centers. For anyone looking for quick money, giving tuition is one of the most convenient ways to online earning in Pakistan for students too. 

36. Online Event Hosting  

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, many events were held virtually, and online participants participated. Since then, online event hosts have been in high demand as such events are common. With little experience in hosting events and good communication skills, you can start making money, learn how to work online, and earn money in Pakistan. 

You can work as a moderator or event host or act as a volunteer helping online participants in finding how to look for information. Or see a specific page to listen to/watch an event. With bigger events on a global scale, you can earn a lot as you gain experience in hosting online events. 

 37. House Cleaning Service 

Several cleaning services are available online. It includes home cleaning, water tank cleaning, and other services. Water tanks and other places in Pakistan gather dust and get polluted quickly. With dusty and warm weather throughout the year, you will surely find many customers online interested in cleaning services.  

You can also hire people who know how to use disinfectants to clean the house who will do the job for you, as you can run this business online. That’s another way of online earning in Pakistan. 

38. Candle Making 

You must have seen fancy candles in homes and restaurants. This is not just about a romantic candlelight dinner, but there is an audience who likes the candles. There is also a big market for aroma candles, as they are used in therapies for different ailments and stress relief. The scent of the candles is also an important factor in why people like to buy them. 

Candle-making at home may be a long and tricky process that not everyone will be comfortable with. You can buy ready-made candles from wholesale manufacturers and sell them online through social media platforms. 

 39. Gift Wrappers and Baskets 

While shoppers and simple baskets are easily available in the market, customized gift wrappers and baskets are also in demand. You can offer wrappers and baskets for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduation, etc. There are several ways you can find your target audience on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, with massive demand for such items. 

You can design customized gift wrappers and baskets at home as uniquely designed items are in more demand. This is another way how to earn online in Pakistan with minimal effort. 

40. Offer Retirement Plans 

Have you ever thought about what would happen once you retire from your current job or once you wind up your business and start life after retirement? You must have seen some websites offering retirement plans to individuals. You can also create a website or page on Facebook offering different solutions to people, and plans for their life after work will be well appreciated.

You can use your creativity and business sense and turn your venture into the best site to make money online without investing much. 

Over to you 

In the end, I want to offer a simple recommendation. There are many businesses from which you can make money from home. But you must select the best one according to your expertise and interest and stick to it. If your idea is viable, it will work in your favor sooner or later. 

Some of my readers would like to ask questions about selecting the best job for a high income. Also, if you want to offer valuable feedback for this blog, don't be shy and speak your heart out. 

Please use the comments section below, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. 


How can I make money in 2023?

Think about your choices related to skills and what services you can provide to your potential customers. You can also start a business, but that will require some investment, and there will always be some risk involved. That is why working online is a better option, as comparatively less investment is required for online businesses. 

How can I make a lot of money at home?

While there is no get-rich-quick scheme, you can work from the comfort of your home and earn a lot of money with hard work. From working as a freelancer for different professions like designing, writing, YouTubing, or working as an influencer, there are many options for anyone with some skills. 

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