The inspiring story of Tech retail business that bloomed in the pandemic

by Mahrukh 1min read
The journey of a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur amidst the covid 19 era.

Covid 19 pandemic turned around many lives with its drastic lasting effects. It proved to be the best for some, much like online businesses. It brought a massive footfall towards online mediums, creating an impressive amount of online presence expectations.

Meet Tabish Anis, a mechanical engineer turned entrepreneur amidst the covid 19 era. With an ambition to make it big, he began his journey to study his competitors in the field, like Czone and techglobe and ultimately discovered Webx ecommerce. His fellow competitors' success encouraged him to try Webx, and he is today with multiplied sales. 

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Tabish talks about the relevance of an online presence and how it is essential to set up your business website to gain customer trust.

“Ecommerce is the only survival for any business in Pakistan right now”

Tabish breaks down his experience step-wise and explains how speedy his store set-up was and how emails, a free ecommerce theme, a product listing skeleton, and hosting were all part of the package. All he had to do was select his desired details, fill in descriptions and pictures, and his products were lined up and ready to sell. 

He further urges product-based sellers to consider webx as the easiest way to enter the market. As with one platform dashboard, one can easily access customer reviews, customer accounts, customer databases, and speedy payment updates. 

Recommendations by Tabish

Tabish shared his experience on the before and after of having his website. He felt that having a website created a huge impact and credibility among his customers and that they usually don't trust brands that do not have their own websites. He explains his point by comparing an online store with marketplaces, where you list products on a marketplace, and at the end of the day, the marketplace gets the recognition and branding, and your brand remains anonymous.

On the contrary, when you create an ecommerce store, it builds your brand recognition for you. 

Furthermore, Tabish praises the Webx support team for providing product listing training, SEO, Google analytics, meta keyword placement, and always being available at the customer's disposal. 

Lastly, he feels that at the moment in Pakistan,  “There is no better solution than Webx.”

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