How to Sell Handicrafts Online in Pakistan?

by Ereeqa Toheed 8min read
Can't figure out how to sell handicrafts online? We have got you covered! Six easy steps to help you sell Pakistani handicrafts online

Handicrafts are the backbone of Pakistan's culture and heritage. Skilled artisans are present in every corner of Pakistan producing handicrafts of all types. Sadly, recognizing their exceptional craftsmanship and inherited talent is close to none. Unfortunately, these hardworking people do not get the deserving attention and market value for their craft as they should. To counter this back draw, one can opt to bring forth an online selling of handicrafts made in different cities of Pakistan. 

Bringing the necessary light of fame to these products manufactured solely by hands is a great option to bring them to the international market. The easiest way to accomplish this is by selecting an online platform to get credit for products at the national level for global exposure and sale.

Handmade pottery, embroidered shawls, wooden carved items, hand-painted shoes, clothes, etc., can all be marketed. The customers can be encouraged to buy these items and support their cultural values and local business owners.

Why should you start selling online?

Online selling has been a blessing in disguise for small business owners. Reaching a more extensive set of customers is a lucrative opportunity that helps boost many businesses, whether small startups or home-based entrepreneurs. Online selling helps elevate demand and, eventually, sales. 

The concept of online shopping and selling is the buyer's and seller's comfort. With different e-commerce platforms, sellers and buyers can connect easily. 

In the beginning, you can run your business as an individual efficiently. You have the feasibility to operate from wherever and whenever. From the convenience of your home, you can keep an eye on your sales and inventory 24/7. User-friendly online selling platforms do most of the work for you; you can further opt for online tools to help keep you track of things and work smarter.

Let us discuss five significant reasons why e-commerce is the future of your online handicraft business:

Expanding your business worldwide

With minimal working hours and excellent services, selling online enables you to save time and invest in growing your business via marketing, consequently helping you generate more revenue in the long term. Predictive ordering, upselling, and automated cross-selling are some of your advantages when you start selling online. Using these tactics, you can approach your customer more personally and create a need for a product they might not have been interested in before.


Personalized product catalogs and fair prices matching the customer's requirements and agreements can help elevate your business ethic; however, finding the best way to approach customer-specific costs and assortment can be quite challenging. 

Personalization helps brands give every client exactly what they need in a customer-friendly way. Having access to their order histories and special prices displays a discreet environment.

Lower Support Costs

Technology has come a long way and has benefited the e-commerce system. Businesses can better manage all customer's questions regarding sizes, colors, and quantities in stock. With the help of auto-generated messages for common client queries, FAQ sections and assistance centers make most of the process easier for clients and sellers.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Companies maneuvering on manual processing spend excessive time and money. ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. ERP is software that manages a company's finances, supply chain, services, manufacturing, and human resource activities. When your web is in your ERP, it is more steadfast and supports order processing. This technique saves your company money and time, improves order information's dependability, and makes customer service better.

Selling 24/7

The customer's opportunity to purchase something at any given time can only happen through online selling. Unlike supermarkets and physical stores, customers can have this 24/7 service with a web store.

Selling online in Pakistan: 

Pakistan's e-commerce sector is rapidly growing, helping people opt for different online opportunities and ways of earning. According to research, with a revenue of US$6 Billion in 2021, Pakistan is the 37th largest e-commerce market in the world. The Pakistani e-commerce market contributed 29% to the worldwide growth rate.  From grocery delivery to automobile repairing services at your doorstep, people are going out of their way to create diverse possibilities for themselves. Since the customer wants no barriers when shopping online, there are no limits to what you may dream of achieving through your online business. 

It would be best if you had a clear idea that selling handicrafts online can be a very profitable approach. Handicrafts of Pakistan can thus be available to the local and international markets.

Crafts of Pakistan 

Among the renowned crafts of Multan, the Kashi work, also known as the blue pottery, is some of the most beautiful pieces of art having their indigenous style. Artisans of Pakistan skilfully play with the undertones of blue and colorful schemes to incorporate distinctive designs to make up the quality piece.

Artisans inherited the skills from their ancestors, and the demand and significance of this craft only increased timely. 

The time has come when these sculptures, pots, shawls, and beautiful products reflecting our history and tradition make it to the international markets. These items are undoubtedly tangible but masterpieces of old practiced skills and world understanding. 

These beautiful products are our heritage, and it is our responsibility to make a connecting string for them to the future and to keep our traditions alive in the form of the crafts of Pakistan.

Artisans of Pakistan

Artisans of our society are the protectors of our culture and values. These craftsmen work for passion and not only for money. Handmade crafts are local; their purchase supports our economy and gives confidence to the artists and an opportunity to do more. 

Our purchases can go a long way, helping them financially and encouraging them to innovate items that reflect the culture of Pakistan. The authenticity, craftsmanship, and local community of artists are supported when their products are appreciated.  

Women Artisans and Entrepreneurs of Pakistan 

Women entrepreneurs in Pakistan face many problems; comparatively, they have fewer opportunities than men. The world cannot deny their talent and craft; they are among Pakistan's best artisans. 

Women lack access to many facilities regardless of their financial issues; they are overwhelmed by a lack of training and education. Only about 13% of the women in Pakistan can acquire loans. 

Though women's empowerment has revolutionized Pakistan, they can overcome their financial crisis in several ways. Women of Pakistan are trained and skilled from their childhoods in sewing and embroidery; thus, textile has been one of the industries where women have more expertise. 

However, only about two percent of women in Pakistan receive financing for entrepreneurship even when a more significant number is involved. Due to cultural norms, women have been neglected and don't get a chance to impede empowerment and entrepreneurship. 

6 Steps to Selling Handicrafts Online in Pakistan

Before jumping into selling online and registering on platforms, there are a few things to consider and be taken care of beforehand. 

For you to help build a thriving, well-established online handicraft business, generate the right amount of revenue, and attract a maximum number of clients, we have put together some steps you can follow:

Step 1. Finding your niche 

Avoid including different products in your online shop to not come off as a pawn shop. The narrower the range of products you choose, your online handicrafts business will be more substantial. You must be more segment-oriented and target marketing processes to attract a wider audience and people with additional needs and wants.

Step 2. Start with the correct pricing 

Please do your research, look for competitors and their prices, calculate manufacturing, shipping, and inventory costs, and conclude. Look for the right balance when pricing products; it can be challenging but must be strategic.

Step 3. Product Listing 

Product listing on search engines can help you establish brand identity. Great photos of the products, SEO keywords, and attractive titles will help you accomplish more. Visual representation of your products, their artisans, and the stories behind the items can be alluring. 

Step 4. Marketing 

Spreading the word through social media can help you build a community. Build communities through hashtags and ads through digital platforms, create interaction, have a discussion, and spread the need for the traditional handicrafts of Pakistan.

Step 5. Up-to-date Inventory 

Try to keep your online handicrafts store constantly updated with new products. To avoid a drop in sales, introduce more exciting items. 

Step 6. Building a brand 

By placing yourself in a specific niche, your handicrafts online business will become a store brand equity business with specific handmade artisan products. 

Putting time into building your brand will go a long way; you need to recognize your brand's core, the traditional representation, and the products telling stories of the artisans.

4 Tips and Tricks to a successful online home-based business 

We have listed some tips to help you sell handicrafts and achieve your goals. Let's dive right into it! 

Step 1. Selling in-demand craft products 

While selecting your niche, make sure you are targeting the in-demand products. Whether you want to sell lamps or clothes, various online handicraft markets can help you.

Step 2. Patience and Consistency 

It takes time to achieve something, so be patient and remain consistent when sales are low. Building an eCommerce brand will take up your time and patience. First, you will have to build recognition for your products, and then slowly but surely, you will make your way up the ladder. 

Step 3. Build a marketing strategy

Marketing is essential to building a customer base and reaching out to your target clients. You can utilize several practical tools and services to get in touch with customers and inform them about promotions and sales!

Step 4. Price for Profit 

Don't price too high and don't price too low; stay aware of your competitors' market trends. 


Presenting Pakistan's heritage through art and handicrafts worldwide can bring opportunities and boost our economy. Bringing these handmade products to online marketplaces can bring exposure and give business owners from small villages a chance to get the recognition they deserve. The dedication and skill put into making these handicrafts make them unmatched.


How can I sell my product online in Pakistan?

Selling online in Pakistan is quick and easy. Get registered on an e-commerce platform, list your products, receive orders, and get paid! You can also sell online by creating your ecommerce website through Webx. 

How do I start selling handicrafts online?

You can sell handicrafts online via your ecommerce website built with Webx or through third-party marketplaces and social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook. 

Can I sell handmade items online?

You can sell handmade items online and earn by sitting at home. Selling traditional handmade objects is a non-seasonal selling strategy; it can attract many customers, and the business can run all year around.  

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