Lead Generation in 2022 with Social Media: 10 Strategies to Implement

by Ereeqa Toheed 9min read
Do you want to build the hype for your e-commerce selling on social media platforms? This article will answer all your questions regarding promotions on social media and generating leads.

In this day and age, social media has become a necessity for people of all ages. It allows people to stay in touch with their peers and share their thoughts, likes and dislikes with others. With the evolution of online platforms, social media has also become a place where people can showcase and promote their businesses to get potential customers. If you are a seller or a small business owner, you can leverage the power of social media by promoting your business online and generate leads within a matter of a few clicks.  

 As an ecommerce business owner, after setting up your e-commerce website with a reliable platform such as Webx, you can start looking into options to boost sales through social media. Social media lead generation is an integral part of every marketer's strategy. If you know how to utilize it correctly, social media can become your most valuable lead generation tool, with the potential to drive more than 78% of the online users into engagement.

The following article discusses ten most effective and useful strategies to take your social media marketing strategy to a new level.

What is Lead Generation? A Discussion in Depth

A lead is any data you can use to specify an individual interested in your products or services. This could include a title, an email address, a domain, or an employer details. Put simply, social media lead generation is the process of collecting new leads through various social media channels.

 According to a survey, about 55% of internet users are on social media, providing an ample amount of valuable data for marketers to utilize in putting together a cohesive marketing strategy and target the right audience. 

Most companies use social media for their digital campaigns to attract leads because they require minimum investment and better ROI.

What are Social Media Leads? 

A study shows that businesses that use social media lead generation strategies and tips are more likely to build stronger and better brand awareness with greater sales.  Speaking of lead generation through social media, we have a few components to consider, such as:

Social media lead generation:

Social media lead generation is simply the process of identifying your social media audience that might be interested in your business and turning those potential customers into loyal paying clients. 

Social media lead nurturing:

Nurturing leads is about creating connections with possible shoppers, even if they are not currently scrutinizing to purchase a product or service. They may have signed up online to accept your newsletter or follow you on social media, but they aren't necessarily inclined to make a purchase. Turning potential customers into paying customers is made easy with social media lead generation tools, you can study the traffic on your website and leverage it to your gain. 

Social media lead conversion:

Conversion is the last phase of social media leads. It directs to the methodology of transforming your potential candidates so that they make final buying decisions. Social media platforms are the easiest outlets to reach out to your customers and build brand awareness among communities. You generate more leads when you have made an appearance and gained a position in your customer base. 

Why do you need social media lead generation?

The billboard you never miss is your phone's new social media medium. Imagine how to promote your business at a place where billions of people interact daily. Since everyone is using social media, you can attract more customers from all around the world with the help of some digital marketing tools. Here are some tips to generate leads: 

Increase brand awareness: 

Creating brand awareness among potential clients is crucial. When a customer can associate your brand with a certain product or service you have achieved brand awareness. With the help of video marketing strategies, businesses can target about 3.5 billion users on social media sites to create brand awareness. Brand awareness is all about leaving a mark on your customers when they interact with your business.

Reach out to new customers: 

For modern business marketing and lead generation, reaching out to your customer base is critical. You need to create relevant content and promote it on social media platforms and communities to increase customer engagement and interaction. By creating digital ads, interactive posts, animated video content; promoting your products and services, you can strengthen your audience and expand your access to resources. 

Increase website traffic:

An interactive and user-friendly website helps you increase the traffic, this way you can market your business correctly and entice more traffic to your e-commerce website. The more people visit your website and view your products and services the more are the chances of converting those visitors into paying customers. 

Platforms for generating the best Social Media Leads:

The social media platform most popular among customers is the best platform for generating leads. By increasing traffic on your website you gain a better understanding of your customer base, generate more leads, and convert them into paying customers.

You can generate the most leads with the most popular platform among users and the platform that gives top-notch tools for marketing. The tools help you build community, raise brand recognition and establish your invaluable business resource to customers. One good thing for businesses taking Webx as their e-commerce platform is that all websites are integrated with social media networks. You can amplify your lead generations with the help of marketing tools offered to e-commerce businesses.

Several platforms you can opt for as an e-commerce lead generation strategy; these e-platforms help you with retail ads, e-commerce social media marketing, etc. 

Social Media Marketing and Lead Generation: 10 easy strategies 

Now that you have all the information,this article discusses some tips that will help you make the right step into the lead generation world. Here are the top 10 tactics that will ensure successful lead generations with the proper e-commerce social media marketing strategy and e-platform: 

  1. Social Media paid ads for generating leads:

Businesses that work on paid ad campaigns are more likely to attract the right audience, improve engagement, grow customer base, and have greater customer loyalty.

If done correctly, social media advertisements are an excellent tool for saving your business time and money and generating more leads. Strategies running paid ads on social media platforms help you capture the correct data and use that data to make your paid social media lead generations more powerful and effective. You earn vital insight when it comes to paid social media advertising strategies.

For a successful advertisement opportunity through social media, you can follow the following golden tips: 

  • Define your paid social media objectives and core KPIs. 

  • Connect all your owned ad accounts in one place. 

  1. Drive traffic to your webinars with the help of social media:

 Most people these days are attracted to visual content. Videos, clips, ads, and webinars are amongst a few popular formats on social media that marketers leverage to start conversations and capture abundant leads and attendees for webinars and live sessions. You can increase signups with image ads and share blog posts highlighting the webinar. 

  1. Pick the right hook for your content: 

Don't get this wrong; you are not to deceive your customers by displaying irrelevant and false information to lure them. You are to create content to entice them, capture their attention and bring them to your e-commerce website to turn them into paying customers. 

  1. Create engaging social media quizzes:

 Running contests on social media is a fun way of increasing brand awareness and creating customer engagement. You can get to know your audience on a personal level, find out their expectations, and make recommendations via quizzes, games, polls, etc. Businesses can reap the significant benefits of gaining leads by encouraging the participants to share their views and creating a viral impact. 

  1. Build a social media community: 

A social media community is a group of individuals who share similar interests across many walks of life. It is a place where you can discuss different matters and build public relations. 

Building a social media community for your business can be very beneficial; you increase followers, visibility, and reach. When you have a community of loyal customers, you can hold a longer and stronger position in the market.

Here is how you do it: 

  • Host social conversations and challenges. 

  • Provide incentives to your community members. 

  • Build personal relationships with customers. 

  1. Automate lead generation with chatbots:

Chatbots allow businesses to connect with their customers in real time and helps them effectively without delays. Instant messaging and chatbots help lower overhead costs and deliver instant results. 

  1. Use social media for content distribution: 

If you're making excellent content but not marketing it correctly, you may be at risk of wasting your time, money and resources. A robust content distribution strategy turns the limelight on your business within a matter of weeks and creates more fans and followers.This is where social media comes in and saves the day; solid social media content marketing strategy can turn your business's game around.

Following are some recommended steps to follow when building your marketing plan: 

  • Identify the goal of your business. 

  • Plan the social content to distribute. 

  • Distribute your content to get maximum exposure. 

  • Measure the results 

  1. Launch referral campaigns: 

Referral campaigns are a creative way to engage social media followers. Most people will likely purchase items their family, friends, and colleagues recommended. You can use this to your benefit and create offers convincing both parties; the referrer and the referees. You can devise exciting gift cards, discounts, or cash incentives. This way, you can encourage people to recommend your brand to their network. 

  1. Use social media influencers: 

Social media influencers are the people who have established a name in a specific market, industry or niche gaining more followers and fans. Social media influencers are the people sharing their day-to-day lives and the products they are using. Social media influencers can easily capture the attention of a large audience; you can use this to your advantage. By making the influencers your loyal customers, you can promote your ecommerce business. You are more likely to attract customers when a social media influencer is your loyal customer or brand ambassador. 

  1. Use social media video marketing: 

One of the most significant trends that e-commerce businesses are adapting to is social media video marketing. According to a study, about 60% of companies are using video marketing strategy to their benefit and generating good revenues. There are several ways you can market your content through videography; updates, stories, profile videos, reels, and IGTv videos; all can help you. To create successful social media videos and market your business, you can follow these tips:

  • Define your objective

  • Decide on a platform 

  • Choose video types 

  • Plan out content production


After deep analysis and discussion, we conclude that social media marketing lead generation is one of the most suitable ways to advertise your brand and entice consumers. Though it is not something to happen overnight, it is time-consuming and can be easy with the right tools and strategies. You can acquire more leads and accelerate business growth with the best customer engagement tools. The tips mentioned above are the best practices for a successful business using social media for lead generation. 


1. Which social media platform is best for e-commerce?

Among many options, Facebook and Instagram are undoubtedly the best platforms for social media e-commerce. These platforms attract the perfect audience to your e-commerce site and help you build brand awareness. 

2. Which social media platform is best for lead generation? 

Along with Facebook, Linkedin offers one of the sharpest tools to attract leads. Regarding B2B social media marketing lead generation, Linkedin has over 575+ million users.

3. Which social media platform generates the most sales? 

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are the most popular social media platforms, according to a census of 2021. The more users a medium draws, the more it is likely to generate sales. 

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