Webx and Paymob Partner to Simplify Digital Payments for Pakistani Ecommerce Stores

by Web Desk 1min read
Learn about the partnership between Webx and Paymob by which online businesses can now process online payments immediately after creating their digital stores on Webx Ecommerce.

Webx Ecommerce, Pakistan’s leading e-commerce platform for creating and running online stores, has partnered with Paymob, the leading omnichannel payments gateway in the MENAP region, to launch Webx Pay, a payment service that will seamlessly integrate with digital stores on Webx Ecommerce.

Webx Pay, powered by Paymob, guarantees to significantly cut the merchant’s payment setup time by offering instantaneous access to comprehensive payment services to process payments through digital wallets, credit cards, or bank transfers. Via this partnership, online businesses can process online payments immediately after creating their digital stores on Webx Ecommerce.

The usual payment acceptance methods for Pakistani e-commerce merchants remain complicated, long-winded, and heavily dependent on legacy financial infrastructure with online businesses usually requiring 4 to 6 weeks to set up a merchant account in order to start accepting online payments.

The partnership enables the same-day creation of merchant accounts without the need for setup or recurring charges. Moreover, Webx Pay ensures next-day clearance of funds to enable continuity and ease up cash flow for local businesses.

“E-commerce is not the future anymore; it’s the present,” said Fasih Uddin, VP of Product & Growth.

Omer El-Gammal, Executive Vice President, Global Business Development at Paymob remarked, “We continually strive to offer best-in-class financial services in the markets we serve. This partnership will enable the seamless onboarding of e-commerce merchants in Pakistan through the Paymob gateway. By empowering merchants to accept multiple payment options instantly, Webx Pay and Paymob will jointly serve to fuel e-commerce growth in Pakistan.”

Fawad Abdul Kader, Paymob’s Country Head in Pakistan said, “We are extremely excited to see the exponential growth of e-commerce in Pakistan. This partnership between Paymob and Webx will allow us to reach our goal of empowering SME and retail merchants across the country by offering them multiple methods of payment acceptance and growth through a single platform.”

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