Top 16 key features to look for in an ecommerce store builder

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Are you confused between so many ecommerce website builders in the market? Make wise decisions in the light of the key features as discussed in this article.

Have you decided to create your online store? But the lack of technical knowledge and coding skills are not letting you. If that’s true, here’s some good news for you. Plenty of ecommerce website builders allow you to create your ecommerce store without even writing a single line of code. But how do you decide which ecommerce store builder features are best for you? 

In retrospect

Before we dive into discussing the essential features of an ecommerce store builder. Let's first discuss why opening an ecommerce store in Pakistan is a good idea in the first place. The recent Covid 19 pandemic brought about millions of changes in the world; the one department that has seen the most transformation is the retail industry. The inability to reach physical stores during lockdown called for a solution, which gave rise to online selling in Pakistan, where people could continue shopping for everyday essentials without hurdles.

Due to this newly developed requirement in the ecommerce industry of Pakistan, more and more businesses shifted towards digital spaces to leverage the growing need for online shopping portals. Now online shopping has become a necessity rather than a luxury that it used to be. So if you have thought about creating an ecommerce website in Pakistan and haven't yet, this is a sign that you should.

So the question remains, What are the key features an ecommerce store builder must have? But don't worry, there's good news, we did all the work ,so you don’t have to do any. We have derived a rundown of 17 features that your ideal ecommerce builder needs. Till then, Happy reading!

1. Easy to use, no development required. 

If you're someone with no technical knowledge or prior experience, then surely, an ecommerce website builder that's an easy-to-use platform will be a top priority. That will ensure that the platform is easy for both you as the seller and your customers. 

The platform's consumer-facing side needs simple navigation and a logical payment process. The backend needs convenient and easy-to-use features and functions. The more straightforward user interface will help customers find the products they need quickly. That means customers who are on a budget, brand conscious, or exploring will be easier to navigate.

2. Affordable pricing plan

Based on global inflation, aren't we all on a budget? And when opening a business, whether online or not, it's essential to have a decent budget planned for all your expenses regarding your inventory, advertising, packing, marketing, shipping and much more. So why let it be any different for your ecommerce website? When choosing the perfect ecommerce store builder in Pakistan, consider an ecommerce website with a lower price range and a decent package to follow. 

3. Free Themes 

Today's business world requires more than just good products to hit sales and engage customers. Even if your inventory is filled with great products and prices, you will still struggle to catch customers’ attention. This is because your store lacks the eye-catching presentation and aesthetics that could grab their attention. And for many customers, your site's look and feel represent your brand identity and reassures client reliance. Without it, many customers think they cannot trust a mediocre set store as they have other better options. So look for an ecommerce website builder with various free themes like Webx, as unlike woocommerce and Shopify, it offers all free themes to choose from irrespective of premium and standard restrictions and does not charge any fee or plugin charges. Its themes are customisable with modern, relevant and clean designs. 

4. Payment support in local currency

A vital component of an online store is a robust payment processing system. This allows you to receive funds from their purchase in standard ways such as COD, credit/debit cards and payment support in your local currency.

In some cases, you need to add a payment processing feature or buy an extension which overall gets expensive. When opting for an ecommerce platform in Pakistan for your business, ensure it comes with this built-in local payment functionality to save time, money and effort.

5. Approachable support in the local language

An ideal ecommerce website builder must have magnificent customer support in case you have questions about the platform or concerns about the process. When your online store starts flourishing, you want it to be your primary type of revenue. You wouldn't want errors or blunders spoiling your smooth income stream, so choose a platform you can depend on to be there when you want them.

Your clients can need help during their online shopping process; pick a stage that has a live chat or customer service team to talk to shoppers in real-time in their local language for better customer linkage.

6. Site performance

Your website performance is more or less your page speed, which means the time taken for your content to load is how your site is performing for your audience. Moreover, a slow website/low-performing website with sluggish page speed would result in less sales/less conversions.

Did you know that 64% of smartphone users expect a website to load in four seconds or less, otherwise losing interest? 47% of online shoppers expect web pages to load in two seconds or less. Through client experiments, web performance optimisers discovered that speeding up a page by just one second boosted conversions by 7%.

7. Site Security

As a business owner, protecting your customer's data with SSL (secure sockets layer) isn't just a feature; it is your responsibility. The most important thing you should work on is providing customer security, as you will ask customers for sensitive information such as their credit card information, address, etc. A necessary ecommerce store builder feature Is to ensure your website security is top-notch. So your potential customers can feel safe and likely to follow through with a purchase.

8. Site uptime.

Who doesn't like an excellent flowing site for their business with no glitches, downs or hassles? Well, that is the goal. So when looking for an ecommerce builder website, go for a site with maximum uptime so you can ensure a fast and seamless website experience with no hassle. 

9. Storage and bandwidth

Ecommerce websites are slightly heavier than usual websites, implying that stock/inventory pictures, recordings and other site documents occupy a great deal of room on the website. Ecommerce websites generally get high traffic, requiring considerably more capacity, space and data transmission. When picking, you should select an Ecommerce website builder that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage, or you'll wind up paying much more than you planned for, that too for nothing!

10. Domain and branding

When looking for an ecommerce platform, it's vital to pick one that helps you create your brand image and recognition more than just providing a platform that lets you sell products. As a new business owner having your domain and website is a must, partner with a brand that helps you navigate through the process to get your domain and site.

11. Commission on sale

When picking the right platform, make sure the platform you select takes a minimum monthly or yearly subscription. As many platforms work on a commission basis, the income generated through sales comes directly to you and does not undergo commission cuttings and other deductions.

12. Go to market time

The go-to-market time can be explained as the length of time from making your ecommerce account up until your online store is ready and you're set to hit the market. 

13. Remote Management

In modern times, mobile accessibility is a must, as the most convenient aspect of the online interface is mobile. Even though online selling in Pakistan is done through a laptop,it's important to remember that most online traffic and convenience come from mobile devices. Even if your user does not operate his business through mobile, they would prefer management and updates on the go through mobile.

Developing a website that uses responsive web design is essential so it looks good on devices of all shapes and sizes. Mobile-responsive designs significantly get better SEO value than sites that are not responsive.

14. Social media integration

Social media integration is a power move. It ensures that your actions in one channel will be more potent if they were to strengthen another. This explains why social media and your website will go hand in hand. Your site is a significant asset for advancing your social channels. Our social updates are an extraordinary chance to urge individuals to visit your site and drive commitment. By coordinating the two tracks, you improve the functions of both. But with these integrations, you must be careful with the plan, as this should include a strategy that would work well with your online marketing strategy for social media and the future of your eCommerce site.

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15. Reports & analytics

Data and analytics are fundamental for working your store, calculation, taxes, and sales. These features give you a good understanding of what items sell online the best in Pakistan. Search for a stage that reveals essential details that assist you with following deals, traffic and income so you can distinguish your best and least likely selling items and upgrade your store.

16. Built-in SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is often neglected as an effective ecommerce business marketing strategy, as different approaches offer entrepreneurs and advertisers a more calculated and quick traffic source. However, SEO, then again, is a more tolerant game.

A crucial part of an ecommerce store is your built-in SEO. There are an immense number of advantages to directing SEO for your internet business site. A portion of the significant benefits incorporates expanded traffic, creating client trust, and guaranteeing that your store is essential for customer research conversations. You can help people find your store by using SEO tools that allow you to create on-site solid SEO through custom meta titles and descriptions.


Building your own business is exciting but just as challenging as well. This journey becomes much more manageable and smooth if you pair your business up with the perfect ecommerce platform builder that gives you the most benefits at a comfortable cost. If you're looking for the advantages mentioned above, then Webx is your pick. This ecommerce platform charges a minimum monthly subscription and offers all the above benefits and much more.  

We hope the mentioned guidelines have proven beneficial and help you furnish the perfect ecommerce store in no time. Till then, Best of luck with your venture!

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