How to pull customers to your online ecommerce store.

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The best sales tactics to improve sales and create a lasting brand impression.

Do you often wonder how to attract customers to your website? Well, the best way to draw attention to your store is through incentives! Even though there are plenty of other ways to make your free ecommerce online builder look more attractive, what's a great looking store without incentives? The more a customer can get with spending the least is always a main motto for all customers. which is why it's essential to work through something that does exactly this. Hence, investing time and effort in online store marketing are one of the most effective ways to increase your company's sales. These marketing methods can include promotions like discounts, coupons and more, which are short-term strategies that aim to turn more people into customers. 

Attract customers with a sales campaign

A good sales campaign is the quickest way to the hearts of your customers; this not only helps increase sales but also increases brand awareness and presentation. These sales promotions & campaigns have been used for decades, showing many big or small businesses great success regardless of the industry.

The only correct way to use a sales campaign is to curate such a strategy that makes your customers feel that they've gotten a good deal and does not end up being a loss for you in making the great deal happen.


Who doesn't like giveaways, gifts  or vouchers for their loyalties? A great way to drive more customers to your website is to offer them exciting competitions or giveaways to help them feel rewarded and included in the growth of your platform. Another great trick to increase sales is incentivising your visitors by offering them free shipping/discounts or coupons on their first order or referrals. This helps a customer take the first step towards experimenting with you; once that is done, and they have used a product, this act provides an avenue for you to stay in touch with them with better products as now you have gained their trust. 


Coupons can be sparingly to loyal, new or potential customers to increase the chances of brand engagement and the opportunity for them to try out their brand. The discount can vary based on what you'd like to offer, whether a percentage or fixed amount off the final price or just a certain number deducted from it. It's beneficial to create a coupon for online use only, so that this coupon draws people to your site.

It's now or never

Most of your audience likes to live on the edge; the fact that they're making the most of your sales moments before it ends gets their adrenaline running. Creating a sense of urgency makes it an exciting quest to place an order as quickly as possible and increases sales to a maximum amount in a lesser time. It can be anything from announcing a limited-time flash sale, free shipping, or a holiday sale. Cheating a sense of urgency can get people rushing to your store. A fantastic hack to keep your viewers hyped and well-informed can be by adding a countdown clock on your website to build excitement around a limited-time event or sale.

BOGO (buy one, get one) 

Ever heard of buying one and getting two? Well, that's BOGO (buy one, get one) deals for you. And as the incentive suggests, it's a very compelling deal that people would never miss out on. A great way to literally pull customers towards you is to create such an incentive that shoppers cannot say no to, much like BOGO, where customers can try multiple products from your store by offering a buy-one-get-one offer or 50% off on the 2nd item deals. And if you're someone with lots of stock, then a BOGO campaign can be your best friend as it helps liquidate products.

Black/White Friday 

Who doesn't like a good Black Friday sale? Statistically, it's the most loved sale out of many, especially if kept before special events or the beginning of the year. It is obvious that all customers are typically aiming to score the best sales promotions of the year. It doesn't matter where they are; whether it's work, the bathroom or a grocery store, online accessibility makes it easy for people to be snooping every day on multiple websites, most of which might be comparing numerous businesses with yours. Therefore, to capture their attention immediately, create a push notification to direct site visitors to your deals or upcoming sales. 

Here's an example of a short and to the point Black Friday popup. It immediately shows customers what they came for—the discount and the coupon code:            

Run after-Christmas sales to boost your business

Overstocked for Christmas, Diwali or Eid? No worries! Use this for your benefit— After the XYZ event, sales attract people to stock up even more for the post-parties and events. This sale is a great way to sell any overstocked products. If you're in a rush, make the best sales campaigns with a limited time timer all over your social media, and across your site with the help of popups, and promote it in your email campaigns. 

You can use classy slogans to communicate your sale like, 'After Christmas sale' or 'Festive season extended' etc.             

The more you buy, the more you save!

The best way to clear out stock is to give wholesale rates for bulk orders; this not only clears bulk stock for you but also reduces the total price for the customer, making them buy more than they planned, making it a win-win for both! Another great way could be to include a certain % off after a customer reaches a certain cap point, which motivates the customer to make a heavier purchase. You can offer a small discount, but make sure it's attractive enough to convert visitors.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty programs are known to build a loyal customer base, providing them with a loyalty system to keep coming back to. Special treatment for being a loyal customer is the least you can do for your finest customers. Rewarding them will help you build a solid base of loyal fans and entice people to shop more at your online store. Offering a loyalty point system or score is a popular promotion plan for one of your finest customers. It works like this every time they buy an item from your store, they gain points and then use their points to get money off future purchases, or if they buy three things, they get the 4th free. Consider setting up a virtual card or even creating an app.

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