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E-commerce is for everyone, and it has liberated especially the sector of the society that cannot start-up a physical business due to personal limitations. You can operate your business from the comfort of your home and have a successful eCommerce business running in no time.

The following article is put together by analyzing all the tried and tested ways to successfully earn from home and boost your business online. Read on to learn more about generating profits via ecommerce. 

How to sell online?

Selling online is not as complicated as it may seem. You just need a plan to execute your online eCommerce business flawlessly. Following are some steps you can pursue to get started:

Pick a Niche:

Identifying the niche that suits your ideas best is your first step. When you pick a niche, you know precisely what market to target and what trendy products you can sell. Selecting one particular place or product might restrict you, so you can have multiple categories within your eCommerce website to make a diverse range of products. 

Pick a Platform:

When starting online eCommerce, you need to have a reliable platform for your ease, we have found a venue with the best subscription plans for you to start your eCommerce business.

Basic Plan:

With the basic plan, you only pay 2950/- per month and quickly start your business's e-commerce journey. 

Following are the benefits of going with the basic plan:

  • List 100 Products 

  • Secure Web Hosting 

  • Custom Domain Support 

  • Free SSL/ HTTPS

  • E-commerce Themes 

  • Multiple payment methods

  • Shipping Calculator 

  • Credit Card Payments

  • Local Payment Gateways 

  • Integrated Courier Service 

  • 5 Custom Pages 

  • SEO 

  • 1 Staff Account 

  • Social Media Connectivity 

  • Live Chat

  • Google Analytics 

  • Facebook Pixel 

  • Help Centre 

  • Phone, Email, and Chat support 

It sounds like a dream come true, right? With such a low price, you get such unique features and assistance. 

Business Plan:

Speaking of the most popular Business plan, you pay only 4950/- per month, all the elements of the basic plan are a part of the business plan, and you get some more amazing specs such as:

  • 5 Staff Accounts 

  • 100 Products Listing

  • Tax Management 

  • Multiple Currencies 

  • Discount Codes 

  • Product add-ons 

  • Custom Product Fields 

  • Custom Checkout Fields 

  • 10 Custom Pages 

  • Standard Reports 

Ultimate Plan:

Now you must prepare your mind to be blown away with what you can have when you get a ticket to the Ultimate plan; with a price as low as 9950/- monthly, you get all the advantages of the Basic Plan, the Business Plan, and following supplementary markers:

  • 10,000 Products Listing 

  • 15 Staff Accounts 

  • 25 Custom Pages 

  • Advanced Level Reports 

That's not all; when you subscribe annually, you get a discount of 25%, and you get a 14 days free trial to be satisfied with the services and make up your mind. 

Learn Marketing:

Marketing helps you spread the news of your launch and selling products. Conventional, as well as digital marketing, comes with a variety of features and options that can take your business to unimaginable heights.  A good marketing strategy is an essential step in planning your execution scheme. 

Produce a Pricing List:

Before deciding on a product price, you must keep several things in mind. The most important one is the product's current price in the market. If you sell at a more bloated price than your competitors, you may not get many customers to buy from your eCommerce business. Calculate shipping, inventory, and other miscellaneous costs before creating a pricing list. 

Stay in touch with Trends:

When you enter any marketplace to become a part of it and sell your products, you need to stay in touch with its latest trends. Adopt all the new tactics and approaches other people in the line of work are working on; this gives you the leverage to stay in contact with your customer the way they like. 

Launch Your Brand:

After you have taken care of all the other details, it is time for you to launch your business. Remember, the key to a successful online eCommerce business is building a community; you can engage people in different activities via your social media accounts before you release the news of your launch.

Include the following golden tactics in your brand launch strategy:

  • Refine your brand launch strategy with market research

  • Make a plan for your marketing investment 

  • Build a website that is optimized for both search and customer experience

Why should you start selling online?

The customer’s decision-making approach has transformed dramatically in recent years. Buyers make more straightforward purchases online and via their smartphones, rarely stepping foot into standard brick-and-mortar locations. Buyers are performing comprehensive research online before ever speaking to a seller. 

To stay in business, brick-and-mortar stores must adjust to their shoppers. Customers are happy to stay home, research, and complete their purchases online as long as the obstacles to online shopping sales improve your reach. With an online store, your earnings are no longer limited by the number of customers that can physically visit your brick-and-mortar location. You can market across towns, states, and borders, removing all geographical limitations.

Online shopping can protect the buyer and retailer time, decreasing phone calls about availability, specifications, hours of operation, or other information quickly found on company and product pages. Your online store also allows you to cater to shoppers who find it more convenient to browse and buy when retail locations are not traditionally open. 

Setup your Ecommerce website using Cutting Edge Technology

Selling online comes with several possibilities and expansion potential. E-commerce as we know it is becoming more popular than ever and is evolving rapidly. The best way to harness the ever-evolving power of eCommerce is by building your eCommerce website with the best eCommerce website builder. that can help you set up your business with just a few clicks. The procedure is easy, and with the help of the built-in tools, you can effortlessly handle your business and receive payments.

With eCommerce businesses, you have the leverage of deciding when you work and where you work from. You can choose your hours and location, earn extra money, pursue your passions and make time for friends and family, without being stuck in a 9-5 corporate drill. 

Time is money; your products don’t sell themselves. Whether you’re dealing your products or dropshipping through a supplier, you’ll need to juggle:

  • Manufacturing and stock

  • Fulfillment and shipping

  • Customer service

  • Digital Marketing

  • Social media

  • Search engine optimization

Business Ideas to Make Money Online:

Now that you have everything that you need to know about bringing your physical business to electronic commerce and even starting new businesses online, here is a list of some fantastic ideas for you to make money from the comfort of your home:

Sell Handi-crafts online:

Thousands of people shop online daily. The opportunity to purchase exclusive handmade items can attract a bulk of customers. There are many factors to be considered while setting up shop online, but all can be easy if you pick the best website builders services. Online marketplaces where you can purchase handmade; baskets, cutlery, bags, carpets, bowls, mirrors, cotton garments, etc., made by rural artisans from all around Pakistan, can be good for business. There are many factors to be considered while setting up shop online, but all can be easy if you pick the best website builders services. 

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Sell Services:

One of the most renowned ways of making money online is by selling what you can do best. Companies employ people with skill-sets, and you can work for online businesses. How? Well, if you have any of the following services, you can make good money:

  1. Digital Marketing

  2. Graphic Designing

  3. Virtual Assistants 

  4. SEO Expert

  5. Bug Testing

  6. Video Producer 

  7. Theme Designing 

  8. App Development 

  9. Social Media Management 

  10. Remote Sales Person 

  11. Lead Generation Service Provider 

Sell 3D-Printed Products:

Selling 3D printed products is a fun and leisurely business idea you can select. A 3D printing hobbyist can make good money since a large customer base is very into handcrafted items. You can sell 3D prints from any unique digital 3D model that doesn't intrude on another party's IP if the actual artist gives you express authorization. 

Sell Fashion Items:

Fashion is something that's always trending. Items like jewelry, watches, and accessories are always in trend and sold despite seasons and occasions. Everything unique will become a sensation. To step foot in the eCommerce fashion industry, you don't have to be a fashion designer; you can simply sell fashion items manufactured by different non-eCommerce companies and earn some good money. 

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Sell Homemade Natural Products:

One of the top trends in eCommerce is people selling natural homemade beauty products. People like to purchase cruelty-free organic handmade items with lower ph in chemicals. If you have any skill in making such items, you can quickly introduce your organic products line and attract a large sector of customers. 


Dropshipping is a combination of affiliate marketing and eCommerce. You simply make an eCommerce store, sell products from different manufacturers, and keep your commission. You don't have to worry about managing any inventory or shipping. The best thing about dropshipping is you don't have to invest hefty amounts, and there is little to no hassle. 


Online business ideas are limitless and all-inclusive. The beauty of this ever-evolving technology lies in its flexibility, giving ample room for opportunities for ambitious business owners or start-up enthusiasts to start their businesses and grow their businesses without having to set a foot outside their homes. So, If you find yourself amongst the kind of individuals mentioned above and want to start your own business, read through our list of business ideas a few times and contemplate how you can initiate a successful online business today. Everything mentioned in this article will benefit making you as a seasoned business person. 


Which eCommerce is most profitable?

Retail eCommerce Marketplaces are known to be the most profitable. Several physical businesses have made their way to electronic commerce, bringing more competition and stability to retail eCommerce marketplaces. 

What are the most successful online businesses?

Here’s a list of the most profitable online businesses:

  1. Dropshipping 

  2. Organic Beauty Products

  3. Sell Services 

  4. Freelancing 

  5. Digital Influencer

  6. eCommerce Virtual Assistant

What are the top 3 online businesses?

Following are the top three online businesses:

  1. Dropshipping 

  2. Sell Digital Services

  3. Selling handicrafts

Which online business is best from home?

You can find several options to start an online business; selling handmade goods is one of the most passionate and quick ways of getting into the eCommerce business. But it entirely depends on whether you sell goods or services. You can begin building a brand and make your place in the community. 

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