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Content Management

Learn how to add content to your website, manage menus, add custom pages and other pre-built content templates.

Webx Ecommerce provides you with a complete set of tools to manage content of your website either with new custom pages or pre-defined content pages. 

Pre-Defined Content Pages

Pre-defined content pages are designed with specific styling for the following content

  • Home page content
  • About us page
  • FAQs
  • Policies

Custom Pages

Custom pages allow you to create custom content pages for your website. These custom pages could be linked with top menu or footer menu.

Click here to learn more about adding custom pages to your website.

News & Announcements

You can add any latest news & announcements which run in a ticker control on home page just below the front banners.

Click here to learn more about adding news & announcements to your website.


Downloads section allow you to upload any documents or other content for your customers to download. This appears as a Download section on your website which displays a list of all downloadable content in a convenient and organized manner.

Click here to learn more about adding downloadable content to your website.

Picture Gallery

If you want to showcase any corporate events, your office, or any other images on your website other than your products, than this is the place where you could do that. Multiple picture albums with multiple images could be managed to display an organized picture gallery for your customers.

Click here to learn more about adding a picture gallery to your website.

Menus and links

You can help customers to navigate your online store by using menus to organize your products, categories, web pages, and other content areas. Your online store has two default menus that are displayed on every page: the main menu and the footer menu.

Click here to learn more about managing navigation menus of your website.