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Product Details

The details you provide for a product affect the way the product appears to customers, make it easier for you to organize your products, and help customers find the product. Some fields are optional, so you don't have to provide every detail for each product.

Basic Information

Name – The name for your product as you want your customers to see it.

Description – Short description for your product.

Product Code – Product Code must be a unique key which can be used to search and identify products. It should contain alphabets (a-z), numbers (0-9) or hyphen (-) only.

Product Category – Mark a category for the product that you can use to organize products. You must add categories from categories section before you mark a product to that category. Un-marked products will be set as Uncategorized by default, so user can place them in proper categories later. 

Brand – The manufacturer or other vendor for the product. You can filter your product list by vendor, which can speed up ordering inventory. You must add a brand from brands section before you mark a product to that brand.

Product URL – The URL of your product page on your website. You can specify the URL by yourself or simply use the Auto-Generate URL option to generate a unique SEO optimized URL of your product.

Detailed Description – Describe your products in detail to inform and persuade your potential customers. Don't use a manufacturer's exact description (copied from other websites), as it might damage your product’s search engine visibility because of duplicate content.

Product Highlights – Any information that you want to highlight when the product is displayed. These highlights are displayed in bullets on product page and product listings if configured from the product display settings.


Price – The price that you're charging for the product. You set the currency on the General settings page.

Purchase Price(Cost) – The original price for a product that is on sale and this is for your own record. Purchase price is not displayed to the customers.

Compare Price – When you enter a purchase price, the product displays a sale price with a strikethrough purchase price and a discount percentage that applies.

Shipping Charges – This shipping price will overwrite any shipping price rules set in the shipping calculator. Whenever this product is ordered, flat shipping charges will be added in the order for this product.


You can track inventory of your product or simply manage through the stock statuses.

Track Inventory – Track Inventory allows you to specify your available stock. On every confirmed order, inventory is deducted from the available stock.

Available Stock – The current available stock of your product. If you have product variants, this inventory can be managed on product variants level too.

Reorder Point – This is an inventory control field. By defining the re-order point, you get timely alerts (auto-generated) whenever the product's inventory gets below or equals to that given point, so that you can re-order the product as soon as possible.

Stock Status – If you don’t want to track inventory, you can simple manage the stock status of your products manually. There are 3 stock statuses available

  • In Stock
  • Out of Stock
  • On Order Only (Use this status if you don’t keep the product in stock and only arrange it on order)

Custom Fields

Custom fields allow to you to add additional fields to your products other than the default available fields. For example, books can have ISBN number, Publisher and Author as additional custom fields.

You can add multiple custom fields to a single product, and can add multiple values to a single custom field. For example, ISBN will have one value 978-3-16-148410-0, but Author could be more than one like John Smith, Alan Border.

Custom fields can be managed from Custom Fields section.

Other Details

Weight (Optional) – The product's actual weight. Product weight needs to be accurate because it is used to calculate shipping rates.

Warranty (Optional) – The product’s warranty (if any). This is a display field only. If left blank, it will not be displayed anywhere with the product.

Video – Product’s video link from YouTube or any other video site.

Web Link – Manufacturer’s website link for more product details. This can serve as any additional resource of information for the customer.

Product Tags – The product name or special product tag, example: USB Flash Drive. Product tags helps or improve products search for customers.  

Special Note  Any special message for product buyers.


The collections that a product is included in to be displayed on home page. The collections include Featured products and New Arrivals.

Deal / Limited Time Offer

Use this option to offer deals with a limited time offer. When a deal is added to a product, a deal-end countdown timer appears with the product on product page and listings.

Deal Start/End Date – Start and end time of a deal. The deal does not appear on the website before the start time, and as soon as the deal time is over it disappear again.