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Payment Methods

Learn about setting up different payment methods to manage how your customers can pay on your online store.

Understanding the payment process, and selecting the most appropriate payment methods is an important step while starting your online store. When a customer checks out, they can choose to pay for their order using any of the payment methods that you've enabled on your store. You can enable a variety of payment methods using Webx Ecommerce.

There are a few different things to consider when you're choosing which payment methods to offer. If you want to let your customers pay using a credit card, then you can choose from a number of online payment gateway providers which are pre-integrated with Webx Ecommerce. These payment gateways include but not limited to JazzCash, EasyPay, 2Checkout, CCNow, Moneris and PayPal.

If you choose to have manual payment methods you can select COD (Cash on Delivery), Bank Deposit or any other money transfer service like EasyPaisa or UBL Omni.

Credit Card Payment Gateways

It is important to understand that if you want to have credit card payment option on your website, you are required to enable at least one payment gateway available in Webx Ecommerce. To enable a particular payment gateway, you need to have a merchant account with that service before you enable the gateway on Webx Ecommerce.

For example, if you want to enable JazzCash on your website, first you need to create and activate your account with JazzCash. After your account is enabled, JazzCash will provide you with a Merchant ID and Password. These credentials will be used to enable JazzCash payment option on your website.

Enabling Payment Methods

To enable and manage payment methods:

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Select the payment methods you want to enable
  3. Enter a Display Name
    This name is displayed to the customers
  4. Optionally enter a description for manual/offline payment methods.
    For example, if you are enabling a manual method, you can describe how it works.
  5. For credit card payment gateways, provide the account credentials provided to you by the payment gateway service.
  6. Click Save

Manage Rules for Payment Methods

Enabled payment methods can be marked with specific rules and on specific regions. For example, if you want to allow COD only in Karachi, and not in other cities of Pakistan, then you can mark Karachi region for COD method. If a payment method is not marked with any region, it is available to all customers regardless of their location. Similarly, you might want to offer a payment method only for orders with amount greater than 5,000 or less than 20,000.

To manage rules on payment methods

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Settings > Payment Methods
  2. Click Manage Regions on any of your enabled payment method
  3. In Manage Regions, select any one from Countries, States or Cities
    • If Countries is selected, select the countries where you want to offer this payment method
    • If States is selected, select the states where you want to offer this payment method
    • Similarly, if Cities is selected, select the cities where you want to offer this payment method
  4. In payment rules, select Show this payment method when order amount is…\
  5. Select a criteria from less than or greater than
  6. Enter an amount
  7. Click Save