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Product Order Fields

These fields serve as custom order specifications which are asked from customer at the time of order placement. You must first create a custom fields list and then add fields to it. You can also add a help image, which will be displayed to the customers for help, with custom fields form.

Please note that you must link a custom list to products for which you want a customer to provide specifications.

Add custom order fields

To add custom field list:

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Advanced > Product Order Fields
  2. Click Add New List
  3. In Add New List popup, enter the name of the new custom list.
  4. Click Add List
  5. Optionally browse a help image for your list for customers (e.g. Size Chart)

To add a custom field to the list:

  1. Enter field name
  2. Select Field Type
    Field type indicates how the input will be taken from the customer. For example, short text input, drop down list or a checkbox list. 
  3. If Field Type is selected as Drop down list, check box list or radio button list, you’ll be asked to provide the list values.
  4. Add values separated by comma.
  5. Click Save.