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Shipping Rates Calculator

Webx Ecommerce provides you with a powerful shipping calculator, that allows you to set up and configure your shipping rates for multiple locations and regions around the globe at country, state and city level.

Shipping Rates Calculator enables auto calculation of shipping price at the time of checkout, based on the shipping locations and other different pricing factors. 

To start with shipping rates calculator, you first need to identify and set up your shipping zones.  

Shipping Zones

The regions (countries, states or cities) that you ship to are known as shipping zones. Each shipping zone includes shipping rates that apply to customers whose addresses are within that zone. You can set your shipping zones and shipping rates on the Shipping Setup page in your Webx admin.

To create a shipping zone

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Settings > Shipping  Setup
  2. Click Create New Shipping Zone
  3. In Manage Shipping Zone popup, enter the required information
    • Enter name of your shipping zone
    • Select Enable Free shipping if you want to offer free shipping for this region
    • In Manage Regions, select any one from Countries, States or Cities
      • If Countries is selected, select the countries where you want to offer this payment method
      • If States is selected, select the states where you want to offer this payment method
      • Similarly, if Cities is selected, select the cities where you want to offer this payment method
  4. Click Save

Shipping Rates

To configure shipping rates you need to add rules on shipping zones.

To add rules to your shipping zones

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Settings > Shipping  Setup
  2. In your existing shipping zone, click any of the given options
    • Add fix rate per item
    • Add fix rate per order
    • Add weight based rates
    • Add amount based rates
  3. Enter the amount and other values
  4. Click Add Shipping Charges