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Product Add-ons

Product add-ons are additional items that you can offer with your products. These add-ons are displayed on the product page for the customer to choose from.

If you have a large number of add-ons, you can group them in add-on groups making it more readable and convenient to understand for your customers. 

Please note that add-ons are created under groups. A product can have multiple add-on groups, and different products can have different combination of add-on groups.

For example, a laptop can be sell with different combination of computer accessories, an external keyboard, Hand Bag, Camera etc. from add-ons list. You just need to add these add-ons once for the first time on a product. For all other products, this add-ons list will be pre-populated and only price values will be required to be entered, hence making it convenient.

Adding Product Add-ons

  1. From the View Products page, click a product to see its details page.
  2. Click Product Add-ons tab.
  3. Enter the name of Add-on Group and also it's display name
  4. Select Input Type
  5. Enter Add-on option name and click Add
  6. Click save

Enter Price and set Priority of add-ons by selecting the add-on group and click save.