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Product Specifications

You can add product specifications for more detailed information on products. These specifications are displayed in tabular format on product page. Product specifications could be grouped for a more organized display.

If you have a large number of specifications, you can group them in specification groups making it more readable and convenient to understand for your customers. If you don’t want to keep groups, just create a single group with any name like 'General Specifications' etc. and add all specifications under this group.

Please note that specification groups and items are created at category level, which means that a specification list configured for a product will be shared in all products in that category, only values of those specifications will be entered separately for each product.

For example, a category of laptops can have Processor, Memory, Hard Disk, Display Size etc. in the specification list. You just need to add these specifications once for the first time on a product. For all other products in the same category, this specification list will be pre-populated and only specification values will be required to be entered, hence making it convenient.

Adding Product Specifications

  1. From the View Products page, click a product to see its details page.
  2. Click Product Specifications tab.
  3. Enter the name of Specification Group
  4. Click Add Group
  5. Inside the Specification Group, enter the name of Specification and its value.
  6. Click Add icon to add more specifications
  7. Click Save