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Product Variants (Color & Sizes)

If you have products that have multiple colors and sizes, then you can add variants to those products. Each combination of color and size for a product is a variant for that product. A product can have multiple sizes, or multiple colors or a combination of both.

For example, suppose that you sell t-shirts with multiple sizes and colors. The size has three values: small, medium, and large. The color has two values: blue and green. One variant from these options is a small, blue t-shirt.

You can add variants when you are creating a product, and you can add or edit variants for an existing product at any time.

Add variants for a new product

To add variants while you're adding a product, go to the Add product page, click Color & Sizes tab.

Add sizes to your product

  1. Select a size list for your product or add a new one.
  2. Size List - Size lists are added to make consistent sizes across the store for similar products.
    For example, if you are selling t shirts as well as footwear on your store, then t shirts can have a size list with small, medium and large, while a shoe can have different size list of 10, 11, 12 etc.
  3. All sizes in that size list appears with checkboxes. All sizes will be checked by default.
  4. Check the sizes that you want to sell for that product.
  5. Check the Allow Custom Size option if you want to add custom size option for that product.
  6. Custom Size – Custom sizes allow you to take size information from the customer for custom made products. You can add all fields that you want to take size input from the customer. Fields could be text or pre-defined options.
  7. Select a custom size list for your product or add a new one.
  8. Click Save

Add colors to your product

  1. Enter a name for the color, and choose the color from the color palette.
  2. Click Add New Color
  3. The new color will appear in the list of colors
  4. Click Existing Color List to add colors from your previously added colors.
  5. Select the colors that you want to add

Color size combination

  1. If you have added both colors and sizes for your product, you can see a chart of combination of all colors and sizes.
  2. Mark the sizes that you want to sell for each color.
  3. Click Save

Pricing & Stock

This option allows you to specify different prices and stock for your product variants.

  1. Select Manage price and stock for size/color options.
  2. Here you can control prices of your color/size variants.
    • If price is entered, it will overwrite the actual price for that particular product variant.
    • If price is entered with a plus or minus sign, (e.g. +250 or -100), than this amount will be added to or subtracted from the actual product price for that particular product variant.
    • If the price field is left blank, product actual price is applied.
  3. Select Track Inventory at options level. This will allow you to add stock against each product option.
  4. Specify price and stock against product options.
  5. Click Save.