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Upload Logo & Favorite Icon

You can upload your store logo which appears in the header of your website. Please note that the position and display size of the logo depends on the selected theme, which could be customized from the advanced theme editor by altering the theme code.

To upload your website logo:

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Design > Logo & Favicon
  2. In Website Logo section, select either you want to keep text or image based logo
    • If Text Logo is selected, the title of your store appears in place of logo
    • If Image Logo is selected, then click Choose File in Upload Logo
    • Select the image file of your logo
  3. Click Save

To upload your website favicon:

  1. From your Webx admin, go to Design > Logo & Favicon
  2. In Favorite Icon section, click Choose File
  3. Select the icon or image of your favicon
  4. Click Save

What is a Favicon?

Favourite or shortcut icon is the small square image that appears in browser tab beside website title, before the URL in the address bar and in favorites list and bookmarks folder.

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